E3 2011: Batman: Arkham City multiplayer would've been 'the easy decision'

Rocksteady co-founder Sefton Hill's said he can "absolutely guarantee" that adding a multiplayer mode to the brilliant-looking Batman: Arkham City would've taken away from the core game experience.

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Shani3306d ago

I totally agree with devs about not adding multiplayer mode in the game.
Multiplayer is not for every single game.

madpuppy3306d ago

personally, I would rather have more polish and more game over a tacked on MP that takes valuable dev time away from single player. some games are just made to be SP and some MP.

Psychonaughty3305d ago

I'm really really glad they didn't add MP, couldn't give two hoots about it unless it's split screen or samescreen and even then I'm 95% SP baby.

Gonzo3301d ago

I understand having a multiplayer on this singleplayer game would not be a very good idea. The graphics on this are too great and the multiplayer may effect that. The combat against each other players would also not fit the game. But there should at least be an online co-op.