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GGTL: "A few weeks ago, reports surfaced that David O. Russell - director of films such as Three Kings and last year’s The Fighter - had left the Uncharted movie, and that Columbia Pictures is looking for a new treatment. This is just as well; Russell’s treatment of the Uncharted movie as it stood showed a profound lack of understanding as to what makes the franchise popular. Rather than an Indiana Jones-esque hunt for ancient treasure, Russell imagined a family (yes, family) of treasure hunters, emphasising the family dynamic over the adventure elements. Russell also cast Mark Wahlberg as Nathan Drake, but I’m not prepared to hold that against either of them just yet, despite having already seen and walked out of Max Payne."

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WhiteLightning3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

Sony should take a chance and use Nolan, Emily and Richard as the main cast and if they need Star power for promotional reasons get big stars to play the villians Navarro and Roman...I just don't know why no one has thought of this before.

We should be putting Nathan Fillion second and Nolan North first, he is Drake afterall. I know he's too old and dosen't look much like him but this is Hollywood after all...he can train for the part and I'm sure make up can make him look younger.

Amy Hennig should work on the script and just tweak the Drakes Fortune story to fit on the big screen, change and add a few things to make it appeal to people who have played the game and know what's going to happen.

tigertron3306d ago

I'd only want an Uncharted movie if Drake was played by Fillion. Failing that, Nolan North.

That said however, I'd prefer it if we didn't have a movie at all, because the games are so movie like, why do we need a film? the only thing that would really change is the level of immersion and the fact that the actors and actresses aren't changed into digital characters. The same applies with the likes of Mass Effect, Heavy Rain and Alan Wake etc.

Crazyglues3306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

you know I agree with this, why do we need a movie?

-I always feel like if Naughty Dog is going to allow a movie it should be at the benefit of the Game..

and it should be an Animated Movie like Animatrix, does not have to be, -but at least that way you would get a true drake..-(and a great movie that the fans would love) -something true to the game.

As far as having it benefit the game-
First thing they could do is -have a percentage of the movies gross go to further development of the game/ or DLC content- giving fans a reason to support the Movie..

Second thing they could do that would be cool -Add a copy of the Movie to the Special edition of the game.. So you have a Blu-ray of the Movie free with your Special Edition which will be like 89 bucks or so in a metal case with the game..

which by the time this comes out will probably be Uncharted 4

I just don't think Hollywood understands how much fans love the game, and how if they did things like this they would have a huge Movie...


earbus3306d ago

Just catch an indiana jones movie fixed.

Kran3306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

We all want an Uncharted movie....

but with everything that was planned for it at that moment, it was going to be a train wreck.

(Litterally by the picture ;P )

MWong3306d ago

I would love an Uncharted movie, but I want Nathan Fillion as Drake. I will have to wait and see trailers if Mark Wahlberg is going to be Drake. It just doesn't feel right.

tigertron3306d ago

Mark won't be Drake, the director behind that idea was cut loose. Thank God.

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