15 Years Too Late – Duke Nukem Forever Review

After 15 long years of development, the world’s most joked about game has finally been released. Duke Nukem Forever. The name alone speaks volumes. It’s a title that, for a very long time, nobody thought would ever see the light of day. Entire hardware breakthroughs have come and gone in the time it has taken this title to be finished, but thanks to the men and women over at Gearbox and Triptych Games, Duke has finally arrived. The question remains, however: was all the effort worth it?

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consolez_FTW3318d ago

Man, it really sucks to see all these bad review for Duke Nukem. I'll probably rent this for nostalgia sake.

FragGen3318d ago

I called it... It was obvious that the hot game of the 1996 was not going to translate into 2011 well.

e-p-ayeaH3318d ago

I advice you guys to read/listen to the "good" reviews instead of these ones.Its more helpful.

SageHonor3318d ago

I honestly dont think its THIS BAD..

mobijoker3318d ago

Xbox 360 version is getting universally bad score while pc version is getting average score.The metacritic btwn two is about 20 apart.Weird!!!