Children + DS = Better Math Scores

A study in Scotland concerning the effectiveness of new learning aids for school children resulted in top marks for Nintendo's Brain Training, with students becoming better behaved and having the greatest increase in math scores.

A recent small study of school children in Scotland focused on the use of the DS game Brain Training, resulting in improved math scores for those kids playing the game.

The study divided school children into three groups of about thirty students and, although the groups were not all at the same school, the students were all aged nine or ten and had similar socio-economic backgrounds. One group used Nintendo's Dr. Kawashima's More Brain Training for about fifteen minutes every morning before the start of daily lessons. The second group used a method known as Brain Gym where students participate in a series of body exercises designed to increase brain activity and thus positively impact learning. The third group-the control-utilized neither Brain Training nor Brain Gym and continued lessons as normal.

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