GameFront Duke Nukem Forever Review

GameFront, "It goes without saying that Duke Nukem Forever is an old game with a few new layers of paint slapped on for good measure — that’s how it goes when you’ve been working on a game for 14 years. Because of that, DNF feels like a legit throwback to the era of 90s PC shooters, and that’s absolutely a good thing."

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red2tango2687d ago

Some articles say 12,13,14,15 years. Make up your minds!

Mac is OK2687d ago

14 years at least. They released Duke Nukem 3D in january 1996, and started development at least in 1997, when the first news about it was released.

tsn2687d ago

85/100 This is why gaming is dead.

e-p-ayeaH2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Definitly a fair review.
Its the PC version being reviewed anyways, the one to make justice over to the console versions.

Pros and Cons say pretty much what DNF as to offer.(except the 1st con...)

Old school gameplay is wonderful
That rare well paced shooter
Glory hole!

Humor mostly falls flat, and Duke Nukem is not a good character (lolwut disagree full force)
Whatever multiplayer
Stupid long loading screens