Ubisoft confused on Wii U specs?

Kotaku: Is Ubisoft confused about the Wii U specs? One Ubisoft representative says that Assassins Creed will run on Wii U with HD settings in a very technical ways in an announcement at E3. Others say otherwise.

iamnsuperman4486d ago

Know I am really confused. Has Nintendo finalised the specs yet. it sounds like they haven't

Fishy Fingers4486d ago

No official specs yet, I don't even think the hardware is 100% finalised.

NukaCola4486d ago

My though is the controller is the heart, but the system is the HD muscle. I can see each user having a controller which holds all your data. I don't think you share the controller because its specific to your unique profile. Cool idea but it sounds expensive as all hell.

I_find_it_funny4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

console is 1080p, check that box

sikbeta4486d ago

To think there are no specs released to the public and devs are confused with the specs, I don't know what to think, maybe what Reggie said in some interview was true and it's just a box, but because it has nothing inside yet :P

And the title of the article is this one: "Ubisoft Struggles To Explain How Powerful the Wii U Is"

Boody-Bandit4486d ago

Is the Wii U 1080p "native" or does it upscale to 1080p? Big difference between the two.I googled it I cant find the answer to that question.

dabri54486d ago


It has the capability to output at 1080p but that is really up to the software. Developers can choose to render the game at a lower resolution in order to get more power from the system for other things, then upscale to 1080p. This is what is done a lot on the 360 and PS3.

zu4G4486d ago

why is this on PS3 page anyway?
f* that

Active Reload4486d ago

Reggie said it himself, "Best graphics capability. Check the box." I have a feeling that that whole "Check the box" thing will turn into an internet meme...

DatNJDom814486d ago

From what I understand so far, and by no means take this as fact, its basically twice as strong as PS3 that has all games at least native 1080P. I guess the best thing to do is just wait for Nintendo to announce the specs.

fr0sty4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

Twice as strong as PS3 because the games are native 1080p (if they even are) doesn't make sense. Twice the resolution is one thing, but you also have to factor in how much geometry it can render per second, how well it can texture that geometry, how good it's shader effects will be in comparison to the other consoles, etc.. there are a lot of other factors that determine a system's overall power than just the resolution it runs at. None of the factors I mentioned even took CPU power or amount of RAM into account either, all of those contribute greatly to the overall power of the system as well. That, and they have not specified yet whether 1080p will be a native output resolution, or if it will be upscaled from a lower resolution.

So, you can't just say "it renders at 1080p so it's 2x as powerful".

Legion4485d ago


Only one user per system will have the use of the controller. Nintendo has already specified that the controller will not be sold seperately. All other users will have to use ulternate controllers i.e. Wii controllers. So not thinking the data will be stored with the controller per say.

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WhittO4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

*now lol.

I thought Devs had the Wii U dev kits for like a couple of years so it would launch with a number of finished 3rd party titles?

KwietStorm_BLM4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

Nintendo never gives information away. The idea of the Wii U will probably work because it's Nintendo, but I thought their conference was poor. It got hype because of the new console, but you never, ever want the audience leaving with more questions than they had going in. Nintendo is too coy for their own good sometimes, especially Reggie Fils-Aime. I applaud them for extending the olive branch to third party devs, and inherently the hardcore gamer crowd, but if they are going you try to get people like me back on board, they have to go all the way.

Let's be real, specs and chipsets are a large part of the puzzle for the average hardcore gamer. We live for all the little details, and I feel they would be doing themselves a big favor for that relationship if they weren't so secretive all the time. But I guess they really had no reason to divulge too much info over in recent times, based on the people who have been buying their hardware.

Valk4486d ago

LOL I love that last part."let's be realistic." then you make a broad assumption acting like any hardcore gamer must care about specs. Been gaming for over 30 years. I dont care what the specs are, specs are for fanboys looking to prove their product is better in some way or another.

I guess you never owned a PS2 right cause it was the weakest, or any first place hardware and you only game on PC since specs are so important...

Love it when console kids talk about specs and how important they are yet they play inferior consoles...

I bet speed is important to you to, you just have to have the fastest car, thats why you drive a Prius..

HardCover4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

"Been gaming for over 30 years. I dont care what the specs are, specs are for fanboys looking to prove their product is better in some way or another."

Now there's some good ignorance right there. I care about specs. I don't care about consoles or being "better." I happen to be interested in the tech side of things because I happen to be different than you.

Quit being as offensive as a fanboy if you're going to be belittling them like that.

baker_boi4485d ago


Well VALK, playin on the NES was fun at the time but I aint never goin back.

Sorry, I just can't play Devil May Cry 3, Eternal Sonata, God of War, Final Fantasy 13, or any game that has somethin to do with 3D on a 25 year old system.

Specs do matter, if you a hardcore gamer you DO care about specs, if you bought a Wii you care about specs. You wouldnt buy an Atari 2600 over the Wii would you? Hell naw.

If you did, you aint no hardcore game, you some kind of retro hipster bastard that needs to stay out of current console conversations.

Mini Mario4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

I guess you never owned a PS2 right cause it was the weakest, or any first place hardware and you only game on PC since specs are so important... "

Oooh Valk, stop making sense! These guys (for the most part) cannot understand statements that make sense!

I agree, i seriously care so little about the "specs" and more on the games im playing. I could play tetris all day everyday. Falling blocks!

And the ps2 WAS the weakest and nobody seemed to care, but now, oooohh now with the BIG - POWERFUL ps3 (for a console, because really it's still very weak tech wise compared to a PC), ....now its a big deal lol

HYPOCRITS everywhere

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DanteKnightsTemplar4486d ago

It will run depending on how fast the hamster runs on the wheel.

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devilhunterx4486d ago

I had to login just to give you a bub!

dragunrising4486d ago

Nintendo hasn't finalized the specs so all we have is speculation. Perhaps the Tokyo game show will unearth more info. Regardless, I'm interested. Depending on what Nintendo does next gen, Sony and Microsoft may be influenced if it proves successful. Worth keeping an eye on for that reason alone. We could have xbox and playstation controllers with touch screens...

amilio4486d ago

3DS sir with 2 screens i may add

iforgotmylogin4486d ago

so basically your waiting for Nintendo to test out the waters get ridiculed and made fun of and downgraded so that Sony and Microsoft can just copy down the line?

ozstar4486d ago

Yes, its all very confusing.

Well it can run Crisis apparently, so whatever, beat up Nintendo general?

newn4gguy4486d ago

You are not alone, Ubisoft.