Update: More Game Companies Attacked in War On Gamers

The big picture of everything that's happened leading up to and since the Sony PlayStation Hack is more than meets the eye. The larger movement going on against gamers in the tech hacker world is increasingly a problem for major game companies like Bethesda, Ubisoft, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.

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goddamn... stop. just.... STOP!

Hitman07692682d ago

I couldn't agree more. It's bad enough for hackers to be attacking in increased numbers all across the tech world but to attack gaming directly is just sad.


yea its an implosion waiting to happen

DaTruth2682d ago

Where else could they get one thousand articles written about their exploits!

In any other industry these attacks are largely ignored, and if it hadn't been just another good way to dig at Sony, it would have been the same!

But teh Sony hate prevailed and now gamers who moonlight as Gaming bloggers didn't know what they got themselves into!

denero12682d ago

this is getting old and out of hand -_-

TheRussain2682d ago

You know, I would love to hear what the perents of these hackers think. Do they know their children are acting this way? I bet they would be real proud to know they are causing these issues.

The problem is, these hackers are so intelligent that they are just fast forwarding this (Internet I.D) system. Just shows you the level of intelligence they really do have.