E3 2011 Hands-On: Starhawk (gamrReview)

"Warhawk was one of the games that really kick started the Playstation 3 for some. 2007 was kind of a rough year for the system without a ton of stuff to play but Warhawk really helped to alleviate that even if it was a game entirely focused on multiplayer. Now, four years later we have Starhawk, and a few are worried that the spiritual successor deviates a bit too much from the inspiration. I got my hands on the game to see for myself."

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earbus3308d ago

First game is still the best ps3 game for me a shame they are binging singleplayer to it there is no need.

THC CELL3308d ago

the first one had single player but it was dropped

Dark_king3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

Yea I remember something about them saying they started the single player.I believe they didn't actually have anything done though.I mean if they did it would of made better material for training then what they currently have.Just a few bots to shoot that can shoot back and knife you would be better.
I actually feel bad for people who pick it up this late the training makes you think its a easy game.Then you go online and Bam your dead you spawn again Bam your dead again.

dredgewalker3308d ago

I've always been a single player campaign guy. If they can make a great sp campaign along with a great mp then what's to lose? Any addition gives you more bang for the buck.

Dark_king3308d ago

Thats the thing,no way they are able to to work on both single and multiplayer without something suffering they are not a huge team and maps are huge.I would have been fine with no single player but I have extremely high hopes its the single player that got less attention and the multiplayer is being polished.
Im just hoping for better online,Warhawk has great net code runs smother then games a tenth of it's size.Its not that part they need to work on.It needs better clan support,group launch,Clan ranking.(assigned by clan leaders).Im sure most will be there when it goes gold.
Also I want to be able to set a server up on random.Let it choose between game types and maps.Would keep those long 6-8 hours sessions I play with my friends from being as repetitive.

dredgewalker3308d ago

We can only hope for the best. Warhawk was great fun online but I love games with stories. Let's pray that they have two teams that are working on the sp and mp games so the quality won't be nerfed :)

SlyGuy3308d ago

Once this game does not stray too much from Warhawk, then it will be awesome. I just LOVE the quirkiness of WH.