720p VS 1080p Shootout in Athens

A shootout between 720p and 1080p Marantz Projectors. They were projecting on a 130" screen at 12-13' away and people were mistaking the 720p projector to be the 1080p one. In essence, the difference was negligible.

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ReBurn4870d ago

There has to be a threshold at which the human eye can no longer tell the difference. I'm not saying that the current sets reach that threshold, but I know that I find it hard to tell the difference when comparing displays.

Jeremy Gerard4870d ago

First the truth comes out about the supposed power of the cell, and now the 1080p lies will be uncovered, Sonys entire sham is being revealed. Sony is the most vocal electronics manufacturer of all when it comes to 1080p being truHD and all that crap. It has been known for a year amoungst clear thinking non-brainwashed folk that 1080p is vapor ware.

Armyless4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

-Nobody said ANYTHING about the Cell. (Those were just the voices in your head)

Nobody even mentioned Sony (You're obsessed)

Sony did not invent 1080p (It's just an industry standard)

1080p is not only NOT "vaporware", as you ignorantly put it, 1080p has nothing to DO with specific hardware OR software. It is a STANDARD. A NUMBER. God, your lack of insight is staggering.

This was merely a test to see how people reacted to the differences between two varying qualities of HD outputs.

I personally think the test should NOT have been handled by projectors.

Jeremy, you are in desparate need of help. This Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo console war should be the least of your concerns. Seek help immediately.

blackmagic4869d ago

Armyless, I am curious why you think that projectors should not have been used? I'm not being combative, I'm just interested in your opinion.

As some added commentary to the article, I used to own the Marantz VP12-S4 and now own the Optoma HD81 and I can tell you that the quality of the optics on the Marantz went a long way towards compensating for the lower resolution. I'm throwing a 120" screen and viewing from 13' away so I'm fairly close and when I focused I could make out the pixels on the Marantz but can't manage regardless of how hard I try with the Optoma. As with all sets, the size/distance ratio is what should determine the resolution you require and really, the most important aspect of any set, bar none, is the static contrast ratio. So many people waste so much money just because they are spec whores.

socomnick4870d ago

yea m8 I got a 1080p tv and cant tell the difference when the hd-dvds are in 1080p or 720 p they both look AMAZING.

jiggyjay4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

I think 1080p is really more a marketing gimmick by television companies and electorni retail stores to get people to buy the more expensive product rather than spending half on a 720p set. I have a 720p projector shooting on a 92" DIY screen and feel that really don't need 1080p because I mostly use it for HD Cable and doing some gaming on it. As of right not there are no HD channels that broadcast 1080p and 720p coming out of my 360 looks amazing already! I'll probably end up getting one though when its time to upgrade and 1080p projectors are under $1k..

Edit- Who disagreed with me? LOL! Everything I said was correct because it pertains to me only! This site is run by Sony Fanboys! You can't really blame them though.. When you can't play games on your console and get sick of watching movies there's nothing else to do but roam the internet trying to feel better about spending $600 on a blu ray player when they wanted to buy game console!

dhammalama4870d ago

but maybe they don't think 1080p is a marketing gimmick?

FirstknighT4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

Thanks who ever posted this. Some of these sony duds think that 1080p is the holy grail of television but the fact is that it's no better than 720p. At a normal viewing distance, both resolutions are pretty much the same. The human eye cannot detect all the extra pixels at a normal viewing distance.

The Sony 1080p hype train sure did sucker the sony fanboys tho'.

I'm sure this will get declined by the sony fans because it makes them look stupid.

jiggyjay4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

I wouldn't say it was just sony more like the big electornic stores and televsion manufacturers! But then again Sony is the leading LCD sellers in the market i believe... You know what's even crazier is that supposedly you are able to tell the difference between 1080p and 720p once you get 50" and up screen size and these guys weren't even able to tell the difference in 130" screen!

Now now.. we should make the Sony Fanboys feel better about their $600 console! Its okay Sony fanboys 1080p is the best thing to come out since the invention of the wheel! And that 720p is like watching VHS resolution compared to 1080p... We'll just keep living our lives and when Sony tells that we can take a crap then you can go ahead and take a crap!

mighty_douche4870d ago

dude that was people 'opinion', if you look at fact (yes there is a thing called FACT) 1080p has twice the pixels than 720p, there for twice the quality.

the difference btween them is the same as the difference between standard TV and 720p TV. are you saying you cant see the difference betwwen standard and HD tv pictures?

tell you what mate, you stick with your cheap ass tv and ludicrous ideas if it makes you feel better and ill stick with my good tv and knowlegde of what im talking about.

FirstknighT4870d ago

...your making yourself sound more stupid by the comment. Once again....THE EYES CAN ONLY SEE SO MUCH!!!! Answer my question....according to your logic....are you saying your eyes is able to see the difference between 20million pixels vs. 30million pixels???? OF COURSE NOT! It has been proven that 720p and 1080p looks the same when viewing at a normal distance.

Don't worry....your not the only one to get suckered by the 1080p hype train.

mighty_douche4870d ago

the human eye sees about 250 mega pixel or something stupid, now if you cant tell the difference in1 and 2 mega pixel maybe you need your eyes testing.

what ever you believe, there is a difference between the 2, maybe you cant see it, but i can clearly.

hell even the GT5 developer said they tried 720p and within 5 secs the said NO it has to be 1080p, now why do that if it has no effect?

blackmagic4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

The resolution of our eyes is 12 vertical lines per arc angle (one line per arcminute for 20/20 acuity) times 2. Our minimum resolvable element size at 8 feet distance is about 0.065", or about twice the size of the pixels of a 50" 1080 image from 8 feet away! Put bluntly, from 8 feet away while watching a 50 inch plasma TV, the human eye is generally incapable of reliably distinguishing any detail finer than that shown on a true 720p display.

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wil4hire4870d ago

While some still cant manage. 640p is close enough though.. since you cant tell.

karlostomy4870d ago

Wil4hire, you're fired.

The 640p thing is getting old.
Just imagine if the PS3 had games in 640p it might sell some games.. /srcsm

Don't forget
640p has sold **12 times** the amount that motorstorm has.
640p has sold that amount in 4 WEEKS
640p seems to be more popular than waiting for 'teh potentialz'

If the PS3 needs more attach perhaps they should forget about cell and bluray and just sell more games per console.

Just sounds like sour grapes on your behalf.
Why not be happy for the 4 million 360 640p fans who are to busy in halo3 multiplayerheaven than to worry about screen resolution?

oooh maybe that's where sony went wrong. Too much bashing and outlandish hype.

Bleyd4870d ago

640P wasn't the selling point.
640P was something they hoped no one would figure out.
640P was something they tried to avoid in every single interview when they were asked what the resolution of the game was going to be.

If 640P was so great, like you're implying that it is, then why were they trying so hard to hide it? Why was it such big news that it wasn't even 720P?

karlostomy4869d ago

Bleyd, did you completely miss my point or what?

I posted that because 640p is only mentioned by trolls to spread more negativity. why is it so important for ps3 trolls to comment negatively? The game is awesome and it sells awesome.
Tall poppy syndrome? sour grapes?
I am just sick to death of 'chicken littles' trying to fault the 360 and halo3. jeez get over it. Go and play warhawk.

So did you get my sarcasm?

oooops. no you didn't.

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