The PS3 Doesn't Need a Price Drop after This Incredible $60 Deal

Sony may have waited to announced a price drop, but online retailers are not! Right now you can get $60 Bonus Credit when you buy a 160GB PS3. It’s currently listed for only $297 FREE Shipping and of course $60 Bonus Credit. Check it out!

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YoungMoney2687d ago

That's an incredible deal. Especially after all the exclusives were announced.

morganfell2687d ago

That is a good deal. I own 3 PS3s already but shop a great deal on Amazon so I am thinking on picking it up as a gift.

Biggest2687d ago

Most homes have more than one room and TV. I have three as well. One for me, my son, and one for the wife (NetFlix/BluRay).

gamingdroid2687d ago

Not too long ago, there was a deal for a PS3 through amazon (I believe) with a $100 GC. That was an unbelievable deal.

The PS3 has lately had a $50 GC on a regular basis....

the_best_player2687d ago

I own a PS3, my brother and my dad :D

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tubers2687d ago

compulsive buying? Meh.. Who cares.. it's your money :)

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Aarix2687d ago

okay, enough Edgar allen Poe references.

Ja555on2687d ago

who made an Edgar allen Poe reference?

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ATiElite2687d ago

I say drop the price!

walking into a store and seeing the PS3 for $249 is better than dealing with Rebates or credits.

Still a good deal though.

blumatt2687d ago

I think Sony will wait until they can drop it to $200. I don't think they'll just go down by $50. That wouldn't be as big a deal as a $100 drop. Either way, though, now's a good time to buy a PS3 with all the great exclusives and third party exclusive content (Battlefield 3 and Bioshock 3 both come with 1 FREE game a piece. Awesome!).

cruxito2687d ago

ive been following Bioschock infinite since it was announced n never heard of Bioschock3 being in development. I hope Kevin is behind this game too .

blumatt2687d ago

I was referring to Bioshock Infinite when I said "Bioshock 3". haha

jack_burt0n2687d ago

bioshock 2 never happened.....................

ForROME2687d ago

A TiElite I agree, what many people dont realize is the most systems over time are sold at a price of 199 that seems to be the magic number if you look at stats over the gens.

249 the closer to that 199 the better

littlebigmarcpsps32687d ago

lol agreed
just got another ps3 for 280 with free shipping on ebay 160GB
brand new.
this is for people who dont use the net that much xD

Gamerfans2687d ago

im buying one for our bedroom! Wow what a deal!

BenEViolent2687d ago

Let me guess: you work on that site? Getting a buck or 2 for every person that clicks through and buys something?

PS3pwnz2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

| This is, by face-value, a troll.

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The story is too old to be commented.