D+PAD Magazine: Dead or Alive: Dimensions Review

D+PAD Magazine Writes:

It’s easy to see why the Dead Or Alive series is so maligned by many fighting game fans; after all, it’s difficult to imagine Capcom making Cammy’s breasts bounce faster the higher you enter your age (up to a maximum of, er, 99 years), or Namco releasing a game in which the sole objective was to hang out with the scantily clad likes of Nina Williams and Michelle Chang on a private beach resort. Creator Tomonobu Itagaki may have left Team Ninja under a dark cloud, but his provocative and exploitative imprint, laser guided to appeal to 15 year old boys, remains embedded in the company’s output. Dead Or Alive is of course about a lot more than just the above examples – Dimensions is evidence of this – but think of the games and the first thing that still comes to mind is…well…tits.

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