Gamespot Reviews Guitar Hero 3

Guitar Hero III ups the ante with increased difficulty and new modes, and though not everything it adds is fantastic, the excellent tracklist and stellar gameplay are sure to keep you hooked.

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SacT0wnF1n3st4877d ago (Edited 4877d ago )

GameSpot gave Ratchet and Clank a very low score because one of the negatives was the game was too easy. Now I was expecting a little bit higher score for this game (8.5) but they gave it a 8 because it was too damn hard. I just don't get GameSpot anymore. Do they like a hard game or a easy game? I bet if R&C was too hard then that would be on of the negatives for the game.

ReBurn4877d ago

Gamespot has been a bit lacking in the area of reviews recently. So I always take what they say with a grain of salt. I'm looking forward to playing this game for myself, and as much fun as Guitar Hero 2 was I don't see how this one could be bad if it kept even a remote resemblance to the last one.

rushbd4877d ago

are total ass-fuked idiots.

Lionsguard4877d ago

Review sites need multiple reviews from different people. One guy can't call the shots for the view of the entire staff.

KidMakeshift4877d ago

I have Guitar Hero 1, 2 and Encore for the PS2. The PS3 isn't compatible with the PS2 guitar nor is the PS3 guitar compatible with the PS2 guitar Hero games. I'm getting Rock Band for the 360 but the Rock Band guitar doesn't work with Guitar Hero 2 and 3, but the Guitar Hero games for the 360 work on Rock Band. This peripheral non sense is getting way out of hand and way too expense for a piece of plastic.

Namco you're also crazy for pricing Time Crisis 4 $90 because it comes bundled with only one guncon which probably isn't compatible with PS2 guncon games.