The Witcher Review - 8.5/10

In this review, IGN reports:

"The Witcher really is a good game and one that PC RPG fans will surely enjoy. It combines some entertaining and fast-paced combat with a well realized world and pretty decent story that branches and can end in three different fashions. With a load of choice in character creation on a point assignment and morality level, there's plenty of reason to want to come back and play the 40-50 hour game again. The big problems mainly sit with the technical issues like crash bugs and long load times can be very frustrating. If it wasn't for those things The Witcher would have scored better here. If you can look past the technical side of things (which are still not as bad as some other RPGs released recently) The Witcher is definitely a game you'll remember well over the years."

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Charlie26884871d ago

Sleeper hit anyone?

I think the IGN review just convinced me to get the game were is a demo or something? to seal the deal

I just hope like IGN said that there is a FULL patch released soon to make the already super game go pass its technical problems :)

KidMakeshift4871d ago

I'll be really surprised if they don't bring both The Witcher and Hellgate: London to the 360 in some form.

MK_Red4871d ago

Awesome. Superb find and review. Glad to see IGN giving it good score.