The biggest PC stories of E3 2011 (PCGAMER)

PCGAMER writes: It’s been a very busy year for PC news at E3. All last week we were bombarded with new trailers, announcements, screenshots and interviews from LA. We got to see some of the most exciting games of the next few years demoed right before our eyes. You can find all of our E3 2011 posts right here. If you don’t fancy clicking through five days of madness, we’ve compiled the biggest stories of this year’s conference into one post with links to all the best trailers, screens and stories of the show.

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BeastlyRig3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

The fact that they actually had Desktops setup @ e3 to play some of the multi-plates (Like pay day: the heist)feels good!

ATiElite3319d ago

yeh E3 is all about the consoles but this year a few nice PC games got some light. Including that 8 minute footage of some tank game on a battlefield or whatever that everyone was talking about, oh well can't think of the name.

It's cool they had some multi-plats running on PC but GamesCon in Germany is more of a PC Gamers convention as a lot of Euro Devs will be there and more in depth info of the PC side of the gaming industry will get announced.

Really looking forward to Payday The Heist. I just love the concept.