Video Game Cyber-Terror Out of Control, Wake Up Call for Governments

What do these hackers have to gain from doing this aside from notoriety? And if that's their twisted reasoning, why is that notoriety so desired?


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Semir3313d ago

Put all hackers in jail - FOREVER

jaosobno3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

You all might jump on me for saying this but I think that hackers causing all this are working for someone. Why start hacking now? In the last several weeks there has been an extreme amount of hacking activity.

I see all of these events leading to the same thing: reducing internet freedoms.

Imagine it. Let's say I wanna make you change your habits, reduce your freedoms somehow, but I can't force you to do it. You gotta think that it's your own free will, since you could get really pissed off and violent if you knew I forced you somehow (and there is many of you).

So I create a problem for you - at first a small inconvinience (like not being to play online). Soon, my actions become more frequent and more intense and what in the beginning was an inconvenience becomes something that you fear (stealing credit cards, personal data, etc).

Not knowing that I was the one that did it (since I was doing it through my proxies) you start screaming for my help, since my role should be that of your protector. And I appear offering you a solution that I claim it's the only one that can protect you - renounce your freedom and you will be safe.

And so you gladly accept and become your own warden in your own prison - all that time harboring the illusion that you are safe and protected.

Disagree all you want, but this had to be said. I think you are all taking a huge bait and are being reeled in as we speak.

These hackers are all coming from the same source. The attacks are far too organized and coordinated for this to be a coincidence.

Nevers3313d ago

It's a conspiracy theory I'd support. The internet is a scary thing for the empowered.

"People hear more, they read more, they talk more... when enough of them know enough, that will be the end of you" ~ Paul Verrall (Born Yesterday)

With regards to companies putting up stronger security... well, they have to dance with the devil (ie they'd have to hire hackers)

Prototype3309d ago

One step ahead of you on that theory, however you get credit for posting something that makes better sense than how I would have put it.

Up until PSN there was the occasional hack of someones acct, etc but then major corporations are getting hit, and data is stolen? And the people that get caught are getting 1-2 years prison time?

There's way too many holes that needs fillin.

dbjj120883313d ago

Seriously this is getting out of hands. Why do they keep going so far?

Sev3313d ago

No idea man, they just keep escalating. It's really ridiculous. No one has anything to gain.

ftwrthtx3313d ago

If they keep stealing personal info and credit card numbers, they can gain quite a bit.

insertcoin3313d ago

It goes both ways for me. While I hate hackers who steal credit card information, these companies should be doing a better job protecting our information in the first place.

DragonKnight3313d ago

*sigh* You my friend are under the mistaken impression that there is a such thing as "hack proof." If the Pentagon can be hacked, anything can be hacked.

insertcoin3311d ago

Just because nothing is hack-proof, doesn't mean Sony shouldn't make it harder for hackers to get in their system.

DragonKnight3311d ago

The point is that it wouldn't matter how good the security is, if a hacker wants in, they'll get in and get what they want. Can you prove otherwise?

decimalator3313d ago

The only secure computer is a computer that is not connected to a network -- and is encased in solid titanium, and rigged to explode when it comes into contact with oxygen.

It is impossible to secure information 100%. You do the best that you can, and you have laws in place to deter people as best you can.

BlackKnight3313d ago

Government can do what they are already doing, pursue the hackers and arresting them and so on.

DO NOT INTRODUCE laws to start restricting the internet and other things that have made the internet so great. Don't need to have the government start hurting internet-users/citizens by reducing their freedom on the internet unnecessarily.

As Benjamin Franklin wrote:

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

This is serious times. Would hate to learn that these "hackers" aren't people in the basements but methods of getting internet regulation rolling. I am not one for tinfoil hats, but watch what bills come in congress, like the Protect IP Act.

ExPresident3313d ago

Bubs well said. People should be careful about claimering for the government to save them.

decimalator3313d ago

This coming from a former President...

b_one3313d ago

Im bit of afraid what Govs may do, i mean im afraid of those laws they may create, it gonna hit us hard...

KillerPwned3313d ago

So true and if you search it up the US government is working on implementing new laws to take control of the internet. One of the few things they built and they sure won`t give it up without a fight.

At the cost of it we will pay for it in the end....

b_one3313d ago

They thinking about using Tomahawks VS Cyberattacks... hmmm i think we have a war incoming in Libia or Iran...

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