E3 2011: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Puts Serah as Main Character

For players who finished Final Fantasy XIII, the game puts Lightning as the main character as she finds her long lost sister, Serah. This time, in the upcoming sequel, the situation shifts as Serah will be the lead character of the upcoming sequel.

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Godmars2902687d ago

I bet that just like Tidus was the "main" character in FFX when it should have been Yuna, it'll be the same this time with Noel.

frjoethesecond2687d ago

That's stupid. The games storytelling mechanics wouldn't have worked if Yuna was the main character.

Godmars2902687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Yeah, because she was getting kidnapped all the time.

You're not wrong in that gameplay wise Tidus was the main character, the one who's eye the player saw the world through, but in the full sense everything was all about Yuna.

And imagine if, as the main character, they showed Yuna growing from someone needed to be protect into a protector? After all that was her role in game; someone who was sacrificing herself for the benefit of the world. Traveling with Auron who knew that the Pilgrimage was a crock that had to stop.

In that same vain given how she was in XIII, what little was shown anyway, do you really want Serah's perspective?

HeavenlySnipes2687d ago

timid way she acted in FFX, I wouldn't want them telling me I was supposed to be her.

keith-ps32687d ago

Tidus look like a girl didnt he cry in that game lol

frjoethesecond2687d ago

Do most guys not cry from time to time?

iforgotmylogin2687d ago

serah was so garbage to play with, i rushed through all the parts with her to get a new main. lightning was fun and towards the end her attacks were crazy. ill see how this turns out but i doubt im getin this 1 day 1.

i want vs 13 and kh3

frnkyl2687d ago

Serah was playable in FFXIII?

iforgotmylogin2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

all the parts when i was stuck with her on my team and not lightning. and i had to fight with her and she died ...

lol nvm
i was thinking Vanille.

Disreguard comment above.

user28971562687d ago

it seems to me that square enix just likes dumping money down the drain.

ceedubya92686d ago

Well, overall as a company they haven't don't too well; but despite how some people may have felt about XIII it did do fairly well for them.

I'm sure I'm in the minority here, but I enjoyed XIII enough that I'm looking forward to the sequel.

HeavenlySnipes2687d ago

The reason FFXIII felt linear was because there wasn't any world. They basically just guided you through levels, I didn't feel like I was part of a world. The world in FFXIII looks interesting but not showing it off by having different towns with identities, different explorable environments etc.. made FFXIII feel like they were presenting the game FPS style. Go through level (cutscene) go through level (cinematic boss fight) go through level....

ceedubya92686d ago

This seems to be one of the main things that they worked on for this sequel.

Yangus2687d ago

Maybe only two playable character in FFXIII-2??Noel&Serah?

Infernostew2687d ago

I had read in some interview that Lightning will eventually be a playable character at some point in the game. Unforunately I don't remember the source that I read the interview from.

Ddouble2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Lightning's playable, here's a vid.

keith-ps32687d ago

same music same battles probably same monsters same gay sounded actors lighting was sexy and y the hell can i use only 1 summon per person 6 altogether ff12 had like 15 summons com on son

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