GameXplain Preview: Dragon's Crown - VanillaWare Enters the HD Era!

GameXplain: "Tucked in the corner of the West Hall at this year's E3 was Ignition Entertainment's booth where they were all about their upcoming visually stunning action game El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. But if you were clever enough to mosey around to the backside of their exhibit you would have noticed a trailer running for perhaps (at least to me) one of the biggest announcements of the show, Dragon's Crown."

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Eternalb2681d ago

The game caught me by surprise at E3 and the artwork is amazing, though one pic is a little creepy.

zeal0us2681d ago

Like the art-style this game goes about using but man really giving the sorceress boobs that big....I can already see the hentai artist going to work on this game.

Eternalb2680d ago

Hope that game is somewhere in VanillaWare's future.

zero_cool2681d ago

All im concerned with is getting this game so i can start playing it!

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