PCN: Call of Duty Black Ops Escalation Review

PCN:"Call of Duty Black Ops is at it again with the second map pack. The first map pack, First Strike, wasn’t that well received by fans. The maps were decent and the zombie map was a bit challenging. Well Treyarch decided to step up to the plate and offer a huge package for Escalation. In simple terms, if you plan on buying just one map pack, make sure it’s this one."

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CaliGamer3310d ago

Wow... I see a storm in the distance. LOL.

gaffyh3310d ago

Sounds like a good map pack, too bad I sold this game a month after I finished the game. Crazy thing is, I actually sold it for a profit.

CaliGamer3310d ago

Sometimes you have to let things go. And when you can make a profit, all the better.

Well played sir.

Beastradamus3310d ago

I for one love the new maps. I think they are the 4 strongest maps in the whole game now. Zoo is awesome. I don't care what you think about CoD as a whole, no one can deny the brilliance of the Zoo map.

Kee3310d ago

'hotel' is my favourite, so far. It has a great symmetry about it that makes it ideal for search and destroy.

Soldierone3310d ago

Same here, its also one of the more complex maps to stay alive. And its not because people are constantly behind you, but because there are a lot of corners to watch.

Beastradamus3310d ago

One thing about that map though that is getting on my nerves is the Claymores in the elevators. It's hella cheap, but I gotta admit I started doing it after it was done to me.

e-p-ayeaH3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

Never got to buy Black Ops for its multiplayer but MW3 as my attention just hope it doesnt turn out to be a disapointment.

blink30203310d ago

This map pack is really good. There's not a map I don't like.

BlitzAK3309d ago

Amazing map pack, the best of all maps so far.