The Mario Report: Wii U: Why the name works

Why the name “Wii U” works for Nintendo and consumers.

Since last week’s E3 Press Conference in Los Angeles, most of the rambling around the internet have been mainly about the name of the next Nintendo console. Michael Pachter, a guy who could not predict himself out of a paper bag, called the Wii U “the dumbest name ever”. Even some of the hardcore gamers took to their blog pages and called the Wii U a dumb name.

Nintendo could have gone with "Nintendo" or "Project Cafe", but from a business standpoint keeping the "Wii" name was the smartest move Nintendo could do.

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iamnsuperman2684d ago

"Hell yeah Mom. Wii U. A system for me and YOU!" Not sure what conversations you have but I do not know many kids who would say that. Wii 2 would have been better. Wii U sounds more like an add on than an actual sequel. I agree the Wii name need to stay if they are to attract the casual but U??? really

erasure2422684d ago

How about Wii Me or Wii Wii? The Japanese always come up with odd names. Wii was the craziest name ever. I remember the countless penis jokes yet it still sold a butt load of systems.

Andronix2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Maybe Wii-2-U would work better?

2683d ago
Apex132683d ago

I said the exact same thing you did but I dont have a site or a blog. very well written and great points put across.

pcz2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

wii means too people. the two 'ii' representing two people. it also sounds like 'we' meaning again, two people. another way of saying this could be 'us.'

so to call the console wii u is pointless, the 'u' is redundant as the meaning of wii already incorporates 'u'

its just a silly, meaningless name. they should have called it wii: cafe

mac_sparrow2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Because now the joke has worn off about "I want a wii" they're hoping to make us all sound like fire trucks.

Wii U Wii U Wii U

God I'm glad I no longer work in game retail.