GameZone - Rusty Hearts E3 2011 Interview Video Game Trailer

GameZone talks to Perfect World’s Mark Hill to talk about their latest Free to Play anime brawler, Rusty Hearts. Rusty hearts looks like it will be a blast to play and the following interview contains some very slick looking gameplay segments.

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athmaus3315d ago

never heard of this game before...thx

TheSanchezDavid3315d ago

Freaking hilarious when he asks if he can take the statue home. Game looks sick. I'm definitely going to want to play this when it launches.

Godmars2903315d ago (Edited 3315d ago )

I really want to know why this type of "MMO" isn't on consoles.

The PS3 has had Angel Links almost since launch though that's Japan-only and not a beat-em up, while the 360 has two arcade clones coming. But neither have simple play community base games like. Why?

Simon_Brezhnev3315d ago

yeah it pisses me off why is this not on consoles.

CLOUD19833315d ago

I receive a CB key +2 extra CB keys to send to friends :)
the game looks fast paced the graphics r cool especially to anime lovers like me I will definitely try it.