Ubisoft is hiring Kaos-employees for Splinter Cell 6

TechNoid writes: "Due the recent closure lots of people are without a job. But Ubisoft is here for the rescue, with various recruiters tweeting that they have jobs for them"

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BlmThug3311d ago

Make It Like Chaos Theory And You Have Got A Great Game On Your Hands

fl1pp133311d ago

Chaos Theory was the best SC-game:)

spirited3311d ago

chaos theory had high replay value.splinter cell will go back to its roots for sure .

PhantomT14123311d ago

I would rather have a new Rainbow Six.

candystop3311d ago

That's a tricky one. I want a splinter cell like Chaos Theory and a Rainbow 6 that has nothing to do with Vegas.

PhantomT14123311d ago

Well, we've already had Conviction last year. I'm more hungry for a new Rainbow Six right now.
When you look at Raven Shield, you could indeed do tons of things more than in Vegas.

SpartanZero3311d ago

Will be interisting to see how Kinect will be integrated

Lord_Sloth3311d ago

No Kinnect! Just give me a controller and a good game with no gimmicks!

OC_MurphysLaw3311d ago

@Lord_Sloth... Ubisoft stated all future Tom Clancy games will have Kinect support. So...sorry...but yes it will have Kinect.

Lord_Sloth3311d ago

I know they did. I'm just stating that I'm tired of gimmicks and just want people to make games again. Games that vary as well, not just shooters from 3rd and 1st person!

DarkBlood3311d ago

hopefully its on the ps3 as well

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The story is too old to be commented.