Hilary Goldstein: "Why I’m Leaving IGN"

Hilary Goldstein writes, "I leave not because I have a better job lined up. I’m not being laid off, forced out, or pressured to move on. I’m being selfish. For nearly 10 years, I’ve given everything of myself to IGN. I’ve been happy to allow it to consume my life — to own so much of me every day and night. But lost along the way has been my passion and commitment to myself. To grow as a writer, to grow as a person, I need to leave and find something new."

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pangitkqb2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Hilary Goldstein has always been a dichotomous figure at IGN. Some will celebrate his leaving, some will mourn. Either way, the desire to do something new, something personal, something "better" is a feeling I can relate to. In that sense, I wish him luck.

likedamaster2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Please don't speak for the majority of us please, thank you.

He was my #1 @IGN, and by far the most interesting. IGN is now officially dead to me. Unfortunately.

pangitkqb2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

@ likedamaster Ummm...okay

I_find_it_funny2685d ago

i sont visit any of those big websites

Eamon2685d ago

Hilary was a very polarised reviewer in my opinion. I agreed with many of the points he'd make but completely disagree with other points.

Oh well, it's still a shame. The only guy on IGN I wouldn't mind leaving is Greg Miller. That guy has no skill in journalism whatsoever.

Controversy2685d ago

@ likedamaster

Please don't tell other people what to post. Please, thank you. (Do you see the irony in me even saying this?) This is an open forum.

Back on topic...whether or not I agreed with the things Hilary Goldstein said, I always felt like he was genuinely passionate about gaming. That means something to me as a gamer.

ChronoJoe2685d ago

Haha he didn't speak for anyone but himself. - bubs for immaturity.

Lifendz2685d ago

Wow. Really strong piece. I encourage you guys to actually read what he wrote (it's like maybe three paragraphs) rather than getting caught up in the whole comment section back and forth.

Regardless of how you feel about the guy, you gotta respect someone that leaves a job that person is comfortable and familiar with to pursue their dream.

God speed, Hill.

Shinuz2685d ago

hmm IGN has been dead to me for a couple of years already.

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JsonHenry2685d ago

"I'm leaving because they won't stop making fun of me for having a girls name."

SephirothX212685d ago

I always found Gamespot to have better reviews than IGN. I agree with him in that its much better making games than writing about games other people have made. He wants to connect with his creative side and I don't blame him for that.

persistentlobster2685d ago

well aren't you just Mr. deep and brooding.

HebrewHammer2685d ago

Me personally? I say good riddance! This dingleberry gave GTAIV a 10/10..... Jump on the hype train much Hilary?

frostyhat1232685d ago

GTA IV is one of my favorite games of all time. Just because its cool to dislike Gta 4 on here doesn't mean you can't say your own opinion!

D0ffy2685d ago


And yet HebrewHammer also stated his own opinion? Don't you see the irony in your post?

Not that I agree with HebrewHammer at all, can't really state my opinion on GTAIV as I haven't played it and probably won't either (the GTA series doesn't mean anything to me). The only thing you can really frown upon is how he said it, but he is entitled to his opinion as much as you are.

OT: Can't really say anything against pursuing what you want out of life. I say good luck.

HebrewHammer2684d ago

D0ffy, you sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you.

frostyhat123, I just despised the direction GTAIV went. It completely contrasts the GTA games from my childhood and the GTA games from the PS2-era. I was legitimately disappointed by it. Watching Hilary's review of it was cringe-worthy for me.

That is all.

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redDevil872685d ago

That was very heart-felt and a little inspiring. I wish him all the best.

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ape0072685d ago


I'll never forget his beautiful gta 4 review

Trevonn2685d ago

is he the one that said it deserved an oscar


what else did he review? anyone know?

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