GameZone - Sonic Generations E3 2011 Interview Video Game Trailer

GameZone's Vito Gesualdi previews Sonic Generations with Greg and Black Bible from GamerFitNation. It is for PS3 and 360. The video shows gameplay and discusses how the game is. They discuss what they're excited for when Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic team up for an all new adventure.

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LeftPawedFox3306d ago

is the vid crap for anyone else??

metsgaming3306d ago

no its good. Looks like they may have a winner here, i think they may actually release a good sonic game !

athmaus3306d ago

Thanks for the interview...

TheSanchezDavid3306d ago

The game looks really fun. I dig old school 2D Sonic, but I also loved Sonic Colors, and this looks to provide a little of both worlds.

DemonStration3305d ago

Sonic Colors was pretty great. Best Sonic game in years for sure.