Big screen 100" 1080p for $2195? Projector Central Reviews Sanyo PLV-Z2000 front projector

This is a Brand new projector by Sanyo. The projector comes with a 3 year warranty. The price above is reflecting a $300 rebate that Sanyo is offering until Jan 08.

Just follow the link to read the review of this projector by Projector Central.


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ktchong4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

Sanyo is still in business!? LOL.

emaddox844868d ago

Ha, they still make lots of money off of their cell phones with Sprint. They also manufacture a lot of embedded electronic components too if I'm not mistaken.

ReBurn4869d ago

That price is insane.

dhammalama4869d ago

That's something I know first hand, and I'm only running at 720p. If people are concidering buying an HD tv THINK ABOUT GETTING A PROJECTOR. Do some research, learn the benefits and disadvantages, but trust me when I say they KICK AZZ for gaming.

Skynetone4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

unforchinatly replacment lamps are expensive 380 and usually dont last very long so using it for tv would be a mistake

were i work they rent them out for 400 euro a day + screen

its expensive but they cost about 6000 to 9000 thousand plus 800 for a replacment lamp

dhammalama4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

That seems a little steep for the rental!!
I'm guessing your company's projectors are suited to pretty large venues. Like movie theatres ;)

season0074869d ago

if you use it only for gaming and movie
NEVER use it for TV

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