GameXplain: Need for Speed The Run "Now with more Shenmue"

GameXplain: "Like EA's sports franchises, there is a pretty solid chance that a Need for Speed game is going to make a trip to store shelves every year. In fact there have all ready been two in less than year's time. Last Fall we saw Criterion bless the racing seen with the white knuckle thrill ride Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and in March sim-racing fans got their chance to drift their hearts out with Shift 2: Unleashed. So with Need for Speed: The Run set to peel out November 15 can EA and Black Box's latest entry into the prestigious franchise deliver enough compelling gameplay to keep the series fresh?"

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Dash Reindeer3306d ago

More shenmue you say? Sold

DigitalRaptor3306d ago

The word Shenmue should only be used in nostalgic recognition or in the announcement of new games.

Bring Shenmue 3 SEGAAAAAAA! :p