60° Lists Wii U Titles At $50

We all know that third parties will be supporting the Wii U with titles such as Battlefield and Ghost Recon, but how much will they cost? Well, if Amazon is correctly listing the titles, then we could be seeing a $50 price tag slapped on them. This price falls in line with current prices for the HD consoles.

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Godmars2902736d ago

This wont cause people to question why we've been paying $10 extra this gen .

I know the excuse has been HD, but the only thing that's caused are arguments.

EYEamNUMBER12735d ago

i wish the games would be 50 instead of 60
but i know they wont be some games will be 50 sure but the standard price will end up being 60

NESpower2736d ago

Hopefully true...that extra $10 has always been a rip off. Esp. when most multiplatform games are sub HD.

MintBerryCrunch2736d ago

huh? just checked and they have both Ghost Recon and BF3 for 49.99 as well

NYC_Gamer2736d ago

late ports should be cheaper in my opinion