Review: Castlevania Whips Gamers Into Shape with High Difficulty but Satisfying Gameplay

"Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles is a remake of Rondo of Blood. Sadly, the title never saw a release in America, but it was released in Japan, where it was widely accepted. It is 1792, and Dracula has been reincarnated by the Dark Priest Shaft. Dracula, his power regained, attacks a small village where Richter Belmont, heir to the Belmont clan, happens to live. After attacking the village, Dracula summons his minions to kidnap Richter's girlfriend, Annette, and the young Maria Renard. With the famous Belmont whip in hand, it's time to head out and save the day. Night has fallen and the hunt is about to begin.

What's Hot?
Castlevania has always been about enjoying a solid gameplay experience and this title is no different. Players will take control of Richter Belmont through a total of nine stages where you will encounter tons of enemies and of course the boss battle at the end of the stage. Earlier on in the game you'll battle simple enemies such as bats or your basic everyday walking skeleton. As the game gets increasingly more difficult (which it does very quickly), you'll fight bone throwing enemies, imps, and a variety of powerful minions. To take out these enemies you'll have to use your trusty whip, or doves when playing as Maria, plus a secondary weapon. The secondary weapons will vary from axes, crucifixes, musical notes, and a whole lot of others. Outside of using these weapons for standard attacks, you can also summon special abilities which will vary with each weapon. When using Holy Water for example, the special attack will cause it to rain across the stage and inflict damage on every enemy or boss. These are nice additions because the game is among the most difficult games out there."

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