Why My Right Arm Hurts or Killzone 3 and the Sharpshooter

The good news is that feedback in the PS Move community has been positive towards the Sharpshooter. [Players will] be getting added compatibility with Resistance 3 when that launches and the brilliant Killzone 3 multiplayer will keep move shooting players busy for quite a while until then.

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Nitrowolf22710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

"Why My Right Arm Hurts or Killzone 3 and the Sharpshooter"-Original Title
Am I the only one who doesn't understand what that even means?
The sharpshooter is an awesome Move add-on.

Moduserous2710d ago

Anyone who has used a sharpshooter the first time will understand. My arm is killing me from holding the rifle up to my shoulder! LoL!

sprayNpray2710d ago

agreed, it's brutal on my left wrist as well.

himdeel2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Your shoulders will be stronger and more tone playing through Killzone sp or mp and Socom 4 sp mp coop with Sharpshooter. My shoulders aren't phased by a 2 hour session in either game anymore.

pilotpistolpete2710d ago

I usually play with my elbows on my knees/thighs.

DrRichtofen2710d ago

My right arm never hurts, but thats because its ripped from performing my daily routine. Now if only I were ambidextrous.

AronDeppert2710d ago

Hahaha. That made my day.

Der_Kommandant2710d ago

Dr. You earn yourself a bubble

RoboSpiff2710d ago

i learn at an early age to use my left hand for certain activities.

keith-ps32710d ago

wat does ambidextrous mean u white ppl always be using those big words

DrRichtofen2710d ago

that means being able to use both my right and my left arm

DlocDaBudSmoka2710d ago

sounds like someone needs to go back to grade school.

keith-ps32710d ago

sounds like DlocDaBudSmoka should suck my!

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RavageX2710d ago

Saying stuff like that makes us ALL look silly keith, cut it out.

keith-ps32710d ago

lol relax the dude who runs the usa be saying big words and his black i just like to have a lil fun

keith-ps32710d ago

o but i forgot his part white