Lulz Sec Hacked Into Bethesda "Weeks Ago", Promises To "Embarrass" Firm, Demands Skyrim Details

Bethesda recently announced that its websites, including the Brink stats website suffered an illegal intrusion over the weekend, with personal information being stolen. Since then hacker group Lulz Sec has claimed responsibility and are now planning to go even further, promising to "embarrass" the company soon.

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Semir4248d ago

Motherf**** !!! Leave Bethesda alone!!! You have no rights to demand anything!!!

iamnsuperman4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

This is bad. What can we do. Government should look at this closely. This may be happening to gaming companies right now but the leap to other industries isnt so far off.

I wish the UN took some action. Its becoming a global problem

Winter47th4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

You know, I kinda wish they'd hack Activision, not cause they suck, but because their lawyers-from-hell would hunt them and their families down like there's no tomorrow and they're the only ones with balls big enough to take aggressive action and make an example out of those morons.

Seriously, this's getting ridiculous.

EvilDonkey4248d ago

Well, the companies do not care about securing users private data, so now they get punished.

I wish they wrote a little about how unsecure these sites are and what methods they were using.

Pacman3214248d ago

Good reply 'movements'
No wonder you have 1 bubble.

captain-obvious4248d ago

xbox fanboys where all happy when PSN got hacked
but now look
its like an infestation
gaming is going to get hit HARD

DragonKnight4248d ago

*Looks for gamingdroid to justify what hackers are doing and blame Bethesda instead of the hackers*

Therealspy034248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

god help us if a majority of people start thinking the way you do. that's such a flawed liberal attitude.

government intervention would only add regulation to the internet that would affect us all (something they want to do, btw -- Internet 2). not to mention how inefficiently and expensively they'd handle the problem that they would ultimately fail at anyway. government should just do what their basic role enforcement. they are making arrests so they are doing they only thing they should be doing.

the private sector is where this problem needs to be resolved. other expert hackers working for the companies...combating the issue.

what bothers me about all this is that these hackers probably think they're doing something noble...going after companies for overcharging their customers or ripping them off in some way...or exploiting their power to manipulate law in their favor. why don't the hackers use their skills for something a lot more noble. hack pita, hack the oil companies. go after the douche bags that deserve it! not the people that occasionally make crappy games.

@captain-obvious: uh...what fanboys were happy about psn getting hacked? that's a pretty stupid thing to say. i'm sure very few people were actually happy that people's personal information got compromised.

Hicken4248d ago

Thanks to your political bias, you're missing the point. This has nothing to do with the government regulating anything. It has to do with them taking action to put an to malicious attacks. The laws in place aren't a deterrent. The government itself is not a deterrent. And the number of hackers who would rather work for the companies that are being compromised are drastically outnumbered by those that want no part of such a thing.

By the way, this is happening to far more than just the gaming industry, already.

kneon4248d ago

Government intervention that will actually solve the problem will almost inevitably result in governments having far more access to what you are doing online, and more importantly, who you are. Personally I don't care, but I know many people do.

In order to make sure you are tracked properly they need to know who you are, you would need to log in securely before accessing anything. And I do mean secure, smart card+biometrics+password.
Damn near impossible to fake without inside help.

The upside is that maybe people would post less stupid stuff if they couldn't hide behind an alias.

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Nitrowolf24248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

This is just getting out of hands. WTF is this sh1t. Who the he11 waste their time hacking into these things. These guys deserve to be caught for threatening both Bethesda and their Customers along with other companies.

I don't understand what they hope to accomplish with hacking gaming.

What a mess this hole hacking thing turned out. People supporting them before, where the F R U Now? What good as come out of stealing people/companies information?

theonlylolking4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

With how many glitches that have been in their games and how bad oblivion was they have a little bit of right to demand skyrim details.

@nitrowolf2 first post
The more they hack the better the chance of being in the major history books.

@nitrowolf2 second post
yeah probably not but these hackers are crazy to think they can hack whatever they want

Nitrowolf24248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

Not really. What breaking into their company data base, stealing users/company information then threatening to release it even though they said they would anyway gives them the right because the game was filled with glitches?

I doubt they are looking for that kind of information about the game anyway.

Edit: BTW this was posted before your first post edit.

beastgamer4248d ago

I'm mad they are after Bethesda, but if they DARE touch my dice. I will cut em.

what did we gamers even do to hackers?

Tommykrem4248d ago

I know! What the hell? This is web terrorism! Demands Skyrim details? I mean I personally look away from all the screenshots I get access to because I want to relive the joys of Oblivion which I knew nothing about when I first played it, but that's neither here nor there. This is sick!

Remember Bethesda, you do not. negotiate. with. terrorists. unnecessary punctuation.

Upbeat4248d ago

i wish someone would hack into MW2 and make IW fix that broken piece of shit

Takoulya4248d ago


You obviously haven't logged onto MW2 recently...

Upbeat4245d ago


U gonna say the game as it is now is complety fixed? as in no problems at all ?

SephirothX214248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

What is certain is that people with cryptography expertise will have no problem getting a job. What can the UN do? Hackers are going to hack just like robbers are going to rob. Security needs to be increased. Though punishment for such crimes also needs to be more severe.

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dangert124248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

Ok so what is there point of hacking all of these gaming sites shit you wonna do the world some good ? hack the politicans e-mails show us what fuckry goes on behind our backs that is really important stop ruining out enjoyments of life...i see incoming cost by the gaming industry sooner or later because of this shit

and there agenda?

The group even joked around about Bethesda upcoming game, Skyrim, demanding that the firm “add an official LulzSec top hat to Skyrim and we’ll remove your admin configurations from our incoming leak

news4geeks4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

Yeah these guys are just scumbags. I'm not anti-hackers like everyone else here, but these guys need to be stopped and arrested.

There's no viable purpose to what they are doing and it is completely unethical.

BlackKnight4248d ago

Now that's some hacking I don't mind, hack and show corruption of government.

Hacking a damn game site though is lame.

Shaner_Bock4248d ago

LulzSec is afraid to hack into Government files. Why? Because they're not that talented and they're afraid they'd get caught.

Welcome to the real world LulzSec, nothing you do will ever have a lasting or memorable impact, no matter how hard you try.

outwar60104248d ago

we got loads of details and a gameplay vid !!!!!!!!!!!!

Fishy Fingers4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

Few months ago? Bethesda been trying to keep this quiet perhaps.

WhiteLightning4248d ago


We know most of the details anyway. If it was Valve and they demanded HL3 info then fair enough but a game which has just been shown off at E3 like a week ago.

God these hackers are arseholes, it's like the Government can't be arsed to deal with this or even look into it.

BlackKnight4248d ago

Fair enough? I don't care how many details of an unreleased (especially unannounced) game title, hacking and demanding info is absurd and wrong.

WhiteLightning4248d ago

I meant fair enough as in

Fair enough I could understand why your going through all this trouble for these details

but for Skyrims which details were shown last just makes them even more sad. Fighting for something we already know about.

Nitrowolf24248d ago

Lightning makes a good point. He still think hacking is bad but if your gonna demand for some information by hacking into their system, then why not do it for a game that hasn't been shown off and detailed already?

BlackKnight4248d ago

And all I was saying is while even HL3 would make more "sense", hacking should never be "ok" for getting something as silly as game details.