Far Cry 3: 5 Ways It Can Better Its Predecessors

GB - "Far Cry is one of the most celebrated FPS games ever made. Far Cry 2 isn’t quite as revered, but there was still a lot of good in there. With a third Far Cry game getting a recent E3 announcement, we can only wonder what kind of direction Ubisoft will take with the game."

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Semir2687d ago

Hopefully they make it more like FarCry 1. FarCry 2 was not bad, but the constant driving drove me insane.

the_best_player2686d ago

Far Cry 2 was very shit but the graphics were good.
Far Cry 1 on Xbox was great not that good on PC as it was not the same game at all.

Valay2687d ago

All I can say is that the video footage impressed me and this is the most I've been interested in Far Cry in awhile.

T-K47x2687d ago

I was hyped for FC2 and was dissapointed. It was too boring and the location just felt dead and could have been so much more. I hope they learn from there mistakes and make a great game.

consolez_FTW2687d ago

Man FC2 was so repetitive, the AI was dumb as sh!t, and story was lackluster. So far from that amazing E3 trailer, this game in definitely on my radar now.

Shield2686d ago

Add more things to do instead of wandering aimlessly from one point to another. More side missions for starters and better camouflage & sniper gear. Also some animal hunting and hunting missions like RDR would be nice.

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The story is too old to be commented.