Activision: 90% of Call of Duty Elite is free

XMNR: Activision is still trying its best to get the message across to fans of the Call of Duty series that Call of Duty Elite will not charge for anything that can be done already. The latest attempt includes a breakdown of all the free services that will be included when the service is launched alongside Modern Warfare 3.


Activision makes no claim to the 90% number but the details on what features are free is 100% accurate and straight from the publisher.

The article has been updated to reflect that.

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jizzyjones2685d ago

100% of BattleLog is free

egidem2685d ago

90% free..hmm, if my math is correct, people will pay for the other 10% $5 a month...that's $60 a year or around $120 with Xbox Live. That's a lot of money, EVEN WITHOUT including the games themselves! Sounds like a ripoff.

NatureOfLogic2685d ago

If you don't like it don't buy it. Nobody is forcing you to pay for it, and most of it's free.

disturbing_flame2685d ago

The question is : Why is there 10% that is not free ?

sikbeta2685d ago


You serious? it's Milkivision we're talking about, say thanks they're not charging more for 10% of content...

goflyakite2685d ago

It seems like they were going to charge more (for less) for it initially but after seeing the outrage they started to give away more for free.

SilentNegotiator2685d ago

The matchmaking alone makes it higher than 10%

Paralex2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

You guys DO realize that this is a website and NOT part of the MP? CoD Elite is basically for CoD. You'll probably have to pay for webspace to store gameplay videos and clips just like people do for All in all, no one will use the CoD Elite service like the majority of Halo players don't even visit It's just a stat site with an option to buy extra useless features on the SITE and not the MP. *Sigh* Why anyone would bring up the price for XBL in addition to this is beyond me. People just fail to understand.

CodCom2684d ago

To disturbing_flame. The premium feature list isn't made public yet, but 1 of the reasons the "10%" isn't free, is because it includes free map packs. Which cost $15 a pop.

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beastgamer2685d ago

i just notice on Tuesday is court time with West and Zampella v. Activision

Inside_out2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

The fans of the franchise know what's up as the haters try to cloud the information. MW3 is the same as all COD games. COD Elite is for the hardcore cod fans.

Activision won't have to worry as EA tries to smear the information. EA got caught with there pants down and now they are just going to have to suck it COD is going to bury them this holiday and moving their game up to October trying to avoid the damage will actually make it worse when the thousands that bought the game will trade it in for MW3 sinking Battlefield 3 in use game sales...going to get ugly for Dice. Next time don't talk so Dice. One trip in those tanks will have the hardcore running back to the store to trade it

farhad2k82685d ago

People don't understand, you don't HAVE to pay for that extra 10%?
90% of it is Free and you can stick with that 90%.. if you want to play in competitions and win REAL money.. then you pay the subscription of $5 a month.

Really don't understand where all this hate is coming from, I'm probably going to be playing BF3 more than MW3.. but why do people constantly hate on CoD? Especially when they're not buying the next one? A video game is a video game, either play it, or stay away from it, it will always remain a video game.

PhantomT14122685d ago

Yeah I agree. On a slight occasion, the haters fall down on CoD like rain.
This OPTIONAL fee is for the league where you earn real prize, video series with hollywood stars and map packs. Those services rightfully cost money. It's not like they make you pay to watch stats, something haters and EA would like us to think.

BTW, I'm getting one shooter this year: BF3. But I don't spread wrong informations to make people hate MW3. MW3 won't be as good as BF3 because it'll just be an expansion pack to MW2. That's all...

farhad2k82685d ago

Totally agree with you dude, I will admit.. I played the SHIT out of CoD4.. even after I was 10th prestige..

And to see the series get hated on so much 3-4 years later.. it's quiet sad to be honest.

Oh well.

gamingdroid2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

"100% of BattleLog is free"

So is the gummy bear sampler I get at the food store, it is 100% free, but the steak I bought is still worth the cost!

At least with MW3, I don't have to pay if my other family members of friends want to borrow my disc and play online!

Somehow EA managed to charge gamers for it and gamers are praising EA, while Activision provides it for free gets all the hate!!!

Topshelfcheese2685d ago

Seriously, they don't charge for it if you buy it new, apparently you don't like to support game developers if you are buying used...

BryanBegins2685d ago

There are gummy bear sampler at your food store? Damn it, I want that too!

OT: agree with you. I'm tired of people whining about OPTIONAL features they don't have to pay for.

gamingdroid2685d ago

"Seriously, they don't charge for it if you buy it new, apparently you don't like to support game developers if you are buying used... "

New games from EA only come with one code you can only use on ONE PSN ID or Gamertag. I prefer my family members to play and earn trophies/achievements on their own account!

TheFreak2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Free services: career stats, leaderboards, heat maps, video uploads, groups, clan support etc.

paid service: Access to all map packs, rumored video series produced for call of duty etc.

So no big deal nothing to get all mad and whiny about. I will say that a vip code like bfbc2 has is a bigger wtf...

radphil2685d ago


From the math you're better off buying the map packs separately.

Either that or they're now deciding to charge up the ass for Packs now.

zeal0us2685d ago

Bet it wasn't 90% free until the other day when BattleLog was announced 100% free. I bet if BattleLog wasn't announce only 30-50% of elite if not less would be free.

Seeing as I sign up for the beta guess it won't hurt to see what I'm dealing with.

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zeeshan8102685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

That's what she said.
BFLog is free

Pacman3212685d ago

I dont get it, aren't they shooting themselves in the foot by saying 90% is free? Is there really a point in paying for that extra 10%?

farhad2k82685d ago

But that extra 10% is for competitions, clan tournaments etc, which means that you have a chance of winning a bigger cash prize?
It's a risk really, but I may try it out.

karl2685d ago

i dont understand how that 90% is free when it comes with a game that u paid 60bucks for...

so it isnt really free.. u r just charged an extra money for that remaining 10 percent

in other words .. u are being sold an incomplete game and then u buy whats left .. well u rent it every month

dangert122685d ago

:O *yawn*
yep im still using killzone.coms stat tracking for killzone 2 which is free did ea say battlelog would be free and is free activities stop chating shit we know its a dirty tactic here you won't fool just shut up and hope the cod casuals are hardcore enough to jump online and pay for your crap

huzzaahh2685d ago

Punctuation, sir. It goes a long way.

dangert122685d ago

course it does but its not going to make me any money of n4g is it? use your comment on something more relevant to this article

JeffGUNZ2685d ago

Who cares what they do? If people want to pay for it then so be it. You don't need to pay anything extra to play MW3 so I don't get why people keep whining about it. If it doesn't interest you, then don't buy it.

outwar60102685d ago

except for the game which retails 10- 15 pounds more than any other game

JeffGUNZ2684d ago

Isn't that only in select areas? I know in the US the game hasn't changed any price. Still, it boils down to the consumers. If they believe it's a warranted purchase, then so be it.