Microsoft: PSN hack is bad for the games industry

OXM UK: "Microsoft executives have gone on record about the Playstation Network hack, saying it's bad for the gaming industry and it highlights the need for safer online environments."

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dangert123309d ago

LOL without trolling this did make me laugh abit when they spoke about safe environments,

turn on your xbox loads of bright colours happy avatar smiling and waving just like those on the friends list every one of will wave its a nice safe environment at 'microsoftland' lol

Sunhammer3309d ago

Get ready Microsoft 'cause you're next.

sikbeta3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

I don't think those morons hack-nerds have the [email protected] to do it, I mean, it's a closed network and be damn sure that, whenever MS realizes somethings is wrong, FBI, CIA, Interpol and Mercenaries all over the world will be hunting these douche-bags :P

ActivistBike3309d ago

Sunhammer stop being such a fanboy. Always claiming "M$ YOU'RE NEXT!" Grow up and move on, and its sad to see how many agrees you got I guess this site is full of Sony fanboys.

KonigNxt3308d ago


You mad, bro?

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the_best_player3309d ago


360 "jtag" is bad for the industry

gamingdroid3309d ago

I'm actually surprised people disagree with this. JTAG is frequently used for mass piracy of games stored on a hard drive.'

I'm not familiar with the modding scene, but is there any other reason why you would want to JTAG an Xbox 360?

nopunctuation3309d ago

RROD is even worse for the industry...just sayin.

Redgehammer3309d ago

It could be argued that it was good for Sony that the RROD occurred. How many people threw up their hands in frustration and went elsewhere for their gaming fix? Also, one could argue that it helped Sony by slowing the 360's growth; thereby, creating an evironment for Sony to catch up to the 360.
just saying.

nopunctuation3309d ago

1 billion dollars of damage is never good for any business. You can twist that statement all you want but it doesnt change anything. RROD is worse than the hack by a longshot so MS has no right to say anything.

kaveti66163309d ago

Your first comment was that RROD was worse for the industry, then your second comment was that RROD was bad for business, meaning Microsoft.

RROD lost MS 1 billion dollars and forced them to extend the warranty of the 360 to 3 years for every 360 customer. That's not bad for the customer.

RROD forced MS to revise their console. Now it's slimmer and runs much quieter. That's good for the 360.

RROD helped PS3 sales. If Sony is good for the industry, then RROD helped Sony, and helped the industry. That's good.

The only one hurt by RROD, truly hurt and not just frustrated by a 2 week waiting period to have their console repaired and returned, was Microsoft. They lost a billion dollars.

The hack cost Sony 3 billion dollars.

SuperStrokey11233309d ago

got a source for that 3 billion dollar claim? Cause pachter, love him or hate him, knows a hell of alot more abotu teh financial side of gaming than most people and had the number abotu 250 million...

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

That has nothing to do with it. I wouldn't wish hacks to occur on any console whatsoever, not when it hurts gamers and hard working developers.

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SuperStrokey11233309d ago

That has very little to do with the actual network being secure.

gamingdroid3309d ago

A potentially weak and vulnerable network allows hackers to access and download massive amounts of data about a user.

If they are accessing one account here and there, it is most likely because their email was compromised allowing account recovery, or have a weak password.

There is a big difference between account lost and network breached! The former happens on all secure networks including banks, the latter far less frequently especially if it is financial related.

b_one3309d ago

@sikbeta Oh, they have balls...

gamingdroid3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

MS actually takes your privacy very serious, they even published a 49 page document with guidelines on how to handle private information:

This document has been revised many times, but was originally released almost half a decade ago.

That is why I trust them more than Google, whom respects nobodies privacy!

TheFreak3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

google is scary

zak94ma3308d ago

how funny is this M$ can't get any benefits from the PSN outage so they claim "PSN hack is bad for the games industry" .

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TheMrMadzen3309d ago

Why the fuck did the community approve this shit!!?? Who the hell cares about the outage anymore! It's just this lame website, who wants to keep reminding everyone! Enough already!

SuperSaiyan43309d ago

If you haven't noticed the hack's aren't over, now it seems game forums and sites are being hacked :-(

Are these hacker's now all of a sudden game haters? Hacking even Bethesda now seriously!

b_one3309d ago

Coincidence ;) LulzSec told some day ago that they dont like Brink and voila

WhiteLightning3309d ago

Want to know what else is bad or what's making this hacking thing worst

YOU GUYS and Cliffy B telling us we should "embrace" hackers sending out the wrong kind of message

I just find it funny how Microsoft havent been hacked yet, why Nintendo why not go for the next big thing Microsoft. I'm not saying I want people's details explosed I just find it odd why hackers who are trying to one up the PSN hack aren't going for the next big thing....strange

GT_Ken3309d ago

Because despite what the fanboys here would have you believe:

Microsoft's security is top notch. Look at what's ACTUALLY been hacked. Sony's ONLINE NETWORK, and a bunch of forums and websites. Which one doesn't fit?

Sony's online network was, simply put, NOT secure enough. Just like websites and forums, PSN made it easy. MS doesn't.

I'm quite sure that the hackers have TRIED to hack MS...but they can't. MS Security for XBL is ridiculous. What do you think you are paying for?

BlackTar1873309d ago

GT ken you are fooling yourself if you believe MS is TOP Notch.

LOl at your comment.. Your paying because they make you.. and you guys will not stand against it.

just cause you pay for something doesn't mean its better or anything related to that line of thought

WhiteLightning3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

I'm sorry but when the fuck did I mention anything about Microsofts security....

I said they have to stop sending the wrong message to hackers making them think what they're doing is ok.

"Hey guys these hackers have just hacked the PSN, Nintendo, Epic games, Bethesda, Codemaster, want to know what we should do "EMBRACE THEM" so they don't hack us, they can go crazy on anyone else but as long as were safe that's all we should care about"

If they did try and hack Microsoft they would of said because then Microsoft would then have the chance to brag on about their security.

HSx93309d ago

Actually GT_Ken is right, these hackers would have hacked Microsoft the second they could have, Microsoft has learned from the past and has secured their network. You are literally paying because Microsoft wants you, but because part of that money goes to their network and servers, which make them more resistant to attacks.
WhiteLightning, to me it seems you are a SONY Fanboy who is mad that Xbox network hasn't been hacked yet, and Microsoft knows how to play it smart unlike douchebag Sony which sues anything that it touches.

b_one3309d ago

Dude, MS hired hackers...others dont - and if they gonna be hacked, THEY WONT TELL ANYONE

Redgehammer3309d ago

Do you have first hand knowledge that it isn't top notch? In the USA there is an assumption of quality related to a paying for something over getting it gratas. Microsoft, I believe, is more capable, and ultimately better equipped to fight than Sony was.
I pay because I want to, I pay because XBL is worth it to me. The culture, and gaming ecosystem, where I reside, is part of my daily life, and XBL would have to belly up, or MS pull some truly stupid crap, for me to stop using it. I am totally fine with you choosing not be a member of XBL. However, knowing how much MS is hated, by certain sectors of the populace, and XBL has not been brought to its knees yet, I feel I have the right to think my money must be doing something. If I am ever in the same "I just want to play online" boat that many where in, I, like many of those affected, will just be glad when its back and I can play.

BlackTar1873309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

wow HS how clueless do you get?

I am a paid live consumer since release.. but you will not get me to stand up and try and justify my purchase.. I do it cuz i have to..

My personal account on xbox has been hacked more then once so just because its not been hacked on a global scale does not mean it hasn't and isnt currently being hacked.. Do i get some money back for Points being used and purchased on my account(other then the pay back)? maybe i should be demanding games.

Let me guess small hacks and dat stealing and account breaking don't count right. Because you won't have to go far to see the 1000's of peoples account who have been hacked thru MS database.
Hell even your company heads get hacked.

HSx93309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

My xbox gamertag is J O I N T.

I have not been hacked since I made that account, considering it's so rare you would think it would have had it's attempts, I am just not a retard like yourself and make myself easy to Social Engineering or weak ass passwords.
Anyone can Hack an account, they just need to pretend they are the actual owner, Give me your facebook and xbox live email, and I guarantee I can hack you within 48 hours.

Bzone243309d ago

Let me guess, your password is 1234 and you just can't believe how weak Microsoft's security is because your account keeps getting hacked.

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