Halo HD remake 'takes the past and makes it better

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary "takes the past and makes it better", according to Dan Ayoub, executive producer at Microsoft's 343 Industries.

You'll be able to judge for yourself too, Ayoub told journalists at E3, where he demonstrated the HD remake's cool sounding 'Classic Mode'. "At the touch of a button anywhere in the campaign you can go back and see how the game looked at that point ten years ago", he explained.

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THC CELL2688d ago

as long they dont change anything but to hd that will be amazing, we want no mechanical upgrade no added weapons just halo 1 hd

Fishy Fingers2688d ago

The multiplayer will be tweeked I imagine. More players/online will probably result in a few changes here and there.

But if they know whats good for them, they'll leave, what I consider, one of the most important games ever, pretty much well alone (other than visuals).

Thrillhouse2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

There's no classic multiplayer. Only 6 multiplayer maps for Reach, and one firefight map. Sucks for the people who've been wanting CE online for 10 years D:

theonlylolking2688d ago

Why would I pay just for a HD upgrade? That is why I do nto get these so called "remakes" these companies are doing.

I want a real remake not just a HD version. It should not be using the same engine. It should be a complete remake with a new engine, in HD, and fix the glitches, hacks, etc... from the first release.

RedDead2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Don't buy it then, this is the same as the God of War collections and MGS collection, ICo collection etc. Just Halo 1 again in HD (well a little more than a resolution upgrade)

otherZinc2688d ago


I want every mechanic of Halo:CE to remain the same; especially the Library! Some said they were going to alter it a little: No!

The Library was one of the greatest challenges in my videogame career on Legendary in that Library, you had to be Great to get out of that!

The_Ultimate_Guy2688d ago

Ya that was insane. Having to hold off the flood while 343 guilty spark was unlocking the door was chaotic. Thank god for the shotti and frags.

Merivigian2688d ago

Although they did make it look better, I was expecting more of a game like Reach. I mean, at least change the character models. I'm not saying that they haven't improved, but Master Chief does still look scrawny, compared to Reach. I'm not saying that this is Reach or that it should be Reach, but I was expecting a COMPLETE overhaul.

Winkle922688d ago

Well I know the multiplayer is going to be Reach's multiplayer only with some gametypes to mimic the gameplay of the original. And I'm kinda glad they didn't change the Spartan models to look like Reach's. The original armor looks better, imo.

consolez_FTW2688d ago

hopefully this makes it to pc. The original HALO is still my favorite. I remember playing halo for pc in highschool every 7th hour...good times.

news4geeks2688d ago

yeah, in retrospect Halo was amazing for it's time. Kind of makes me wish I had a 360 for the remake.

e-p-ayeaH2688d ago

There´s alot of remakes and remastered versions coming this year O_o

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