MLG Delivers 22.5 Million Online Video Streams of Columbus Pro Circuit Video Game Competition

Live online broadcast of weekend tournament serves nearly double the streams of the 2011 NFL Draft.

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ATiElite2777d ago

Yep i have sat and watched a many intense hours of Starcraft 2 battles!

"looks like he's going for some Cheese, oh no blocked by a nice Drop, great shield set-up, OMG look at that force field set-up, it's a Roach Raid on that Colossus, it's down, nice micro management, oh no Zerg Rush...It's OVerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr&quo t;!

and yes the announcers make it as exciting as any Pro sports game. Nice!

RonaldRaygun2777d ago

I don't even play SC2 but watching the stream was still so intense. Reach was awesome to watch too, but I just couldn't get into the Black Ops stream. They need to find a way to make that game more viewer friendly.