BioWare: Kinect an "additional platform" "We found something pretty innovative."

Mass Effect 3 creator BioWare considers motion-sensing add-on Kinect to be a video game platform separate to the Xbox 360 used with a controller, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Mass Effect 3 supports Kinect through voice recognition – demonstrated on stage during Microsoft's E3 2011 press conference.

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mark01923318d ago

Very different. I don't see no panels on my floor.

zeal0us3319d ago

voice recognition is innovative?
I'm not hating on the Kinect but you guys(bioware) are just using the microphone in the kinect. Which possible mean you guys could of use the mic in some of the gaming headsets if you wanted to.

sashimi3318d ago

what Bioware really meant was that money is the innovative force behind their decision.

Objective3318d ago

This is great for people with kinect as one of the things I dislike about ME is how you have to pause the game to issue commands to your teammates, but with voice commands I think combat will flow without interruption.

hudsoniscool3318d ago

they "found something inovative" yet they did the least inovative thing possible with it.