Your questions on Physical Warfare Pack and Back to Karkand pre-order items answered

An FAQ just went live on the Battlefield site regarding the Physical Warfare DLC pack.

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S_C3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

All you COD fanboys can get off your high horses now......chaw

And no im not a battlefeild fanboy, ill be getting both


1 - the wepons do not affect the balance of online which most of you were bitching about

2- everyone will get the maps DLC and not just UK which yet again you were all bitching about

Ducky3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

What did the FAQ do to improve the situation? O.o

EDIT: We knew that those exclusives wouldn't be region locked. The issue is with the items being specific to retailers and being fully exclusive to the physical warfare pack.

Having a more varied arsenal is a form of imbalance, isn't it?

I_find_it_funny3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

nobody was saying that that maps are Uk only, you better stop bitching, its a common knowledge they're availaible worldwide in new copies

exclusive weaps for pre-orders are bullshit, doesnt matter how powerful they are

f u EA

solar3310d ago

to OP:

we do not know if the weapons are going to be a balance issue until we get the guns in our hands. i refuse to believe they have balanced all the weapons, since we always get balance patches in BF games.

mrv3213310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

'Q: Is the Back to Karkand expansion pack exclusive to pre-orders?
A: No. You can also buy it separately if you do not pre-order Battlefield 3. Back to Karkand will be available the exact same date after the launch of Battlefield 3 no matter if you pre-ordered or buy it separately.'

So let me get this months before release you have a complete map which you won't give to us... and you want my money.

'Q: Why do you offer pre-order bonus items?

A: Because we believe in rewarding our core fanbase with special offers -- such as giving them the Back to Karkand expansion pack at no extra charge.'

So buying your game full price at retail isn't rewarding enough for you. I'd be ok with an in-box DLC. However that's not why your doing it is it? The stores offered you money and advertisements and you said yes.

EDIT: WEAPONS DO CHANGE BALANCE. I got really good with the skorpion ACOG in COD4, if that was pre-order only 90% of people wouldn't care, no one used the skorpion. But everytime they where killed by me the question of balance would arise.

Man I miss COD4.

Ducky3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

BackToKarkand is an expansion that will be released later on.

It's kind of like if they said that if you pre-order BC2, you'd get the Vietnam expansion free.

Whether you get the expansion through the LE or buy it later, everyone gets access to the expansion on the same day (i.e. when the expansion is completed and released)

Personally, I think the expansion is quite generous... but it also is perplexing why they went further and threw in exclusive items.
You're right that it seems more like they're trying to please retailers than fans.

mrv3213310d ago

Retailers want to give EA the biggest blowjob in the world.

Basically you had the non-gamer CEO who went, well COD is going down like Guitar Hero. We need the next Call of Duty... OH Battlefield 3, GET THE HELL ON IT. NOW!

Hey if we treat EA super nice maybe they'll give us their new MMO cards... we can atleast survive a little longer.

dooge3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

I guess that clears it up a little better /s. I still think pre-order bonuses are hogwash.

Pandamobile3310d ago

Well, at least they're not having retailer specific map packs, or something that actually mattered to the game. I can live with a couple different weapons/weapon modifiers.

BlackKnight3310d ago

What I don't like is that I have to buy the game from a specific retailer to get the sniper silencer? How the hell is that fair/balanced? It's even in the description as the ONLY SNIPER SUPPRESSOR.

I want the game on Steam so I can have BF3 where I want and in my LARGE Steam collection. I don't want to buy a game and NEVER get an item in a MULTIPLAYER game that DOES give an advantage like that.

Madness. So disappointed about this.

Pandamobile3310d ago

It's just a flash suppressor, there will probably be other guns that have similar things.

BlackKnight3310d ago

But why should a game fracture up the arsenal based on where you bought a damn game? Even if there are other SR's with suppressors or other shotgun's with Flechette rounds, restrict players from a SR or shotgun they like but when they us the gun, it is gimped compared to others because they can attach useful items/mods.

Again, I wouldn't mind if I just have to unlock them later and they get some bonuses right away, but to restrict me from it (or worse, I can get it for 5 dollars later) is a bad move, and possibly a move to make money off this crap.

y0haN3310d ago

It is pretty god damn lame. I hope it's over turned.

GuyManDude3310d ago

Why do people think this is a problem? Seriously, how is this bad for the consumer/gamer in any way?

1. The "exclusive" weapons won't imbalance the game.

2. The Karkand expansion won't be available for several weeks if not months after the game comes out. It won't be ready. They'll be too busy finishing the epic single player campaign, co-op campaign, and maps that will come on the disc. They're giving you a future expansion for free. All you need to do is go to a retailer, give them $5 (towards the game purchase), and you get free maps.

3. If you don't buy the game at launch guess what, you don't deserve the exclusive guns. Got that? You don't deserve them. One more time: you don't deserve them. I've been pleading for developers to start giving awesome things to gamers for pre-ordering their games. The gamers who wholly support them and their products. Anyone in the world can have these guns. Just pre-order. Not difficult. If you don't get those guns it's 100% your own fault.

If DICE/EA want to reward those who pre-order their game, I see no problem with that. They're giving us free content.



Ducky3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

What if I buy the game at launch but didn't buy it from the specific retailer?

Do I not deserve the guns? O.o

I can pre-order the game right now from Direct2Drive. Guess what? I wouldn't get any bonuses. No guns, no items, not even the expansion.
They aren't doing this for their fans, they have the exclusive items to please retailers at the cost of their fans.

BLAKHOODe3310d ago

For the most part I agree with you, but I think ALL ASPECTS OF THE GAME, including preorder DLC, should be made available to ALL GAMERS either at a later date and/or for a small fee. Some people don't like to "trust" a developer to make a great game and blindly preorder thinking they'll get just that, but then end up with a major dud like DUKE NUKEM FOREVER.

Plus, why should those who discover the game 3 months or even a day after it's release be punished?

BlackKnight3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

The shotgun can be unlocked later. What isn't explained is the sniper rifle suppressor is claimed to be the ONLY one in the game but doesn't list it as a day 1 unlock like the shotgun, instead it is exclusive.

How the hell is a silenced sniper rifle mod that "reduces enemy awareness of your position" not a decent advantage???

The different ammo for the shotgun is "armor piercing", "brutal stopping power" and "penetrates wood, metal and enemy soldiers", so you get to have an exclusive "stopping power+penetration" perk that no one else gets...

And then there is the "exclusive" Type 88 LMG and talks about its bipod. I sure as hell hope this isn't the only LMG with a bipod you can use in the game.

The fact that we have to question all this is ridiculous.

Ducky3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

I expect other sniper rifles to have permanent flash suppressors on them... if not, then a flash supressor is an advantage, but isn't exactly the same as a silencer.
(However, I do want to use the SKS with the flash supressor as I love being an offensive recon)

It would be silly to limit the bipod to only one LMG and then make that LMG exclusive. I'd assume the guys at EA/DICE are smarter than that.

The flechette rounds are like 'deep penetration', but they aren't stronger in base damage.
Also, unlike the flash supressor, there may be flechette rounds available for other shotguns.

EDIT: Yea, it sucks even more if you buy digital. According to EAStore/Origin, the expansion is only given to you if you pre-order from origin (D2D doesn't appear to give you the expansion for pre-ordering).
Not sure if they'll give steam anything when they're trying to push their own Origin platform.

BlackKnight3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

Even if there are other SR's with silencers, it is still lame. So if some gamer buys on steam, plays the game, prefers the SKS sniper, he is out of luck because of where he bought his game? Same goes for him liking the DAO 12 and wanting the other ammo type?

If we accept this as "its not so bad", its going to get worse.

I would have NO PROBLEM if ALL PRE-ORDER bonuses are unlocked through normal gameplay, but if there is no way for me to get them with buying a new game or buying some stupid $5 DLC pack later, that is just gouging the consumer.

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