EA President takes swipe at CoD Elite subscription charge

BeefJack writes: "EA’s President Frank Gibeau has taken an unsubtle swipe at Call of Duty Elite as the tension between his company and Activision continues in the build up to Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 going head-to-head this autumn, saying online services like CoD Elite “shouldn’t charge you to talk to your friends, or to learn how you did inside the game.”

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Focker4203321d ago

Isn't that how Xbox Live works?? I'm not trolling this is a serious question. Don't you have to pay for Xbox Live in order to communicate with friends??

movements3321d ago

So why are they nitpicking with BF3 DLC? Hypocrite much?

S_C3321d ago


"So why are they nitpicking with BF3 DLC? Hypocrite much?"

There talking about somthing you've got to pay every month for not a one off payment

NatureOfLogic3321d ago

I will not be buying BF3. EA is just mad....smh.

Inside_out3321d ago (Edited 3321d ago )

EA is grasping at straws as the weight of the mighty COD begins to weigh down of Dice and EA. COD Elite completely caught EA of guard and now it's damage control.

EA is the company that wants you to PAY FOR DEMO's...o_O

COD Elite will do a great deal more than just stat collecting or all the features that COD has now will still be there when the game launches for free, same with the map packs. COD Elite is for the COD ELITE FANS who live and breath those games. Who play in clans and want to keep abreast of all the information associated with the's a god send for those gamers and they will happily pay for such preferential treatment. I suspect that it will sell 2-3 million subscriptions right off the bat. If it doesn't work, then Activision will change it but it will work.

What's so different about what Activision is doing and magazines like OXM and PSM are doing monthly...EXACTLY and far more expensive btw.

S_C3321d ago

You sound brain washed by activision

Saladfax3321d ago

He sounds like he works for Activision.

Tank_Commander_E63321d ago (Edited 3321d ago )

got the popcorn in the microwave >: )

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dangert123321d ago

well any fast relevent way yes

EA better not follow suit now there dissing it cause you do have scams of your own *looks at me2 dlc*

BlackKnight3321d ago

You have to pay for gold which gets you cross game chat. I believe silver (free) still allows private chat. I could be wrong though. But I DO KNOW that you can message back and forth for free. But as far as private chat, I can't remember if that works with silver.

Dart893321d ago

Damn this is gonna get ugly between these two publishers but yet i somehow find it amusing :D.

Fishy Fingers3321d ago

I guess when your competition is COD, you have to do more than just let your game do the talking.

Semir3321d ago

If EA wants to win, they have to play dirty.

Queasy3321d ago (Edited 3321d ago )

Battlefield 3 is my most highly anticipated game of 2011 but EA is being really disingenuous here. All of those things listed - "talk to your friends, or to learn how you did inside the game" - are free with COD Elite.

EA has to know this by now but they continue to put out FUD over Elite.

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The story is too old to be commented.