Wii U is not next-gen, says Michel Ancel

Michel Ancel, the creator of Rayman and Beyond Good and Evil, has said that he does not think Nintendo's new console should be deemed 'next-gen'.

Asked by if the Wii U is a next-generation machine, Ancel replied: "Not really. I think Wii U is next-gen in terms of interface."

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DarkCharizard_3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

New method to play games = new generation

Better graphics = upgrade

Shok3309d ago

DC, you know you can't say that here. The people on this site don't understand what next-gen is really about.

Next-gen consoles should change the way we PLAY games, not simply change the way we LOOK at them.

Graphics are of course a nice addition people and I enjoy them but seriously, if you have the same controller for over a decade than you really haven't changed the way gamers are playing games.

Shadow Flare3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

So you guys are saying ps1 and ps2 were in the same generation? What about gamecube and n64? Same generation?


If a console makes a significant leap in terms of hardware upon it's predecessor, I'd also say that console was a generation ahead of it's predecessor. The WiiU is definitely a generation ahead of the Wii, but looking back at the Wii, I find it difficult to class it in the ps3/360 league.

Shok3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

@Shadow Flare

That was acceptable for console back in the day because the technology to implement something like Motion Control or the Wii U's controller wasn't there yet.

Look at the Power Glove. Look at the Virtual Boy. Nintendo tried 3D and Motion control back then but it wasn't there yet. But now that technology has made huge advancements, and and has gotten cheaper, new ways to play games should be implemented.

Graphics are PART of what being next-gen is about. The meaning of next-gen has changed now. Power is part of it but now we're at the point where there's so many things we can do with technology to change the way we're playing games.


Yes, online play was of course a huge step, but this gen got that down. So what's the next step? And although you're playing on online, you're STILL playing on the same controller.

When did I say graphics don't count? Please tell me. In-matter-of-fact, I said graphics are a PART of what next-gen is, meaning, graphics do count, just not for %100 of it all.

So you want to play with the same controller you've been playing with since the 1990's? A controller that's over a DECADE old? You're not playing your games any differently then.

Shadow Flare3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

"Power is part of it but now we're at the point where there's so many things we can do with technology to change the way we're playing games."

Like online gameplay? Because ps3 made solid online gameplay a big feature of ps3 from the start, and ps2 didn't have that. Online gameplay changes gameplay massively. So I'd say that would be a next gen feature of the ps3 when it launched

You're tailoring all these 'next-gen' requirements to suit nintendo consoles perfectly. So hardware power doesn't count but controllers do? Shucks, I guess nintendo is like 3 generations ahead of Sony and microsofts lowly 1995 gen consoles.

You know nintendo still has no solid online gameplay system. We don't know what will be in the ps4 or xbox 720, but I'd wager those consoles will show a visible leap in one form or the other over ps3 and 360, and that means it's in a new generation.

And by the way, I dunno about anyone else, but I want my ps4 to come with a dualshock, not an etch-a-sketch



"Yes, online play was of course a huge step, but this gen got that down. So what's the next step? And although you're playing on online, you're STILL playing on the same controller."

-- like I said, we don't know what ps4 and 720 will have. Maybe new versions of eyetoy, move and kinect. And who cares if I'm still playing with the same controller??? I want to! Ive tried Wii, I've tried move, I've tried eyetoy and I refuse to use them as default controllers because dualshock is infinitely better. I never bought a Wii cos I refuse to play every game with that controller. Dualshock is perfect for gaming, end of. I've tried the alternatives, that is my conclusion

"So you want to play with the same controller you've been playing with since the 1990's? A controller that's over a DECADE old? You're not playing your games any differently then."

Im still using the same tv remote design I had for 20 years and I don't suddenly want to change the tv channel by pulling my pants down and wiggling my arse in the shape of "channel 2". Dualshock works, motion controls suck.

DarkCharizard_3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

Shadow Flare you are an idiot and the worst kind of fanboy. ^^ These are two of the worst comments I have EVER read on this website. Go back to giant enemy crabs and real-time weapon change!

Shadow Flare3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )


I like how in your first comment regarding the article, you "disagreed with his opinion". Yet when i state my opinion, I'm "an idiot and the worst kind of fanboy"

I've tried motion controllers and I've tried cameras for gaming. And I never want to use them as my standard way of playing games. Really, I apologise if saying that is one of the stupidest things ever and makes me a raving fanboy, darkcharizard. I dare say there are a few others out there who would rather play games on a dualshock/360controller then a wiimote.

Again, sorry for my massive fanboyism. I just disagree with your opinion.

Iamback3309d ago

No s..t!

Of course it isn't. It has outdated spec. They made it so that it is comparable to PS360 and yet those consoles are going to be replace by 2013 by more powerful machines.

This is why I don't like Nintendo. They create some gimmick, illusion then they hide low spec behind that gimmick. They did it with DS, 3DS, Wii, and now Wii U. Look at Vita, that is next gen handheld. Powerful, not thing that can run N64 ports. Joke.

I will never support Nintendo. If Sony and MS pulled this and released low spec machine with some gimmick you would all go crazy, but if it is Nintendo then it is "ok", they are creative. GTFO!

NatureOfLogic3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

"It has outdated spec"

Honestly, If they came out with SNES2 today, I would care less about the specs, GAMES is what matters not graphics, movies and other crap.

from time to time I still play pac-man so.

zootang3309d ago

Shadow with a million bubbles is spot on.

Baka-akaB3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

that's utopic bs talk and preaching .

No horsepower advancement = gta 3 being the same as the subpar serie it was for the first two 2d games .

No raw horsepower means we wouldnt have seen those nice IA for games such as FEAR and following ones

It means corridor fps , instead of trying stuff like farcry .

No unique gameplay concept like full on destruction and background interaction as seen in the red faction series

Graphics and power arent everything but stop pretending it's not a big part , and instead some disease to avoid .

sikbeta3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

You 2 up there talking nonsense, by your logic, this could not be 7th Generation of Consoles and your precious Nintendo predecessors weren't innovative at all, knowing those consoles used joysticks, also don't try to sell me all that innovation because those tablet-controllers in the wii-u could have been the VMU of the Dreamcast in this time, if Sega wasn't dead as a Console Manufacturer...

Active Reload3309d ago

Most people seem to be insinuating that next-gen=higher res and frame rates. If thats the case the gaming community or consoles are in trouble. Kudos to Nintendo though for trying something different. The Wii U will find it's place, I'm having no doubts about that.

carlitoskaruuz3308d ago

Your completely right. To be honest, a ton of users on here have no idea what QUALITY of games Nintendo produces. No matter if Wii is considered X360 and PS3-gen, The games we're still good. People on here still believe that Call of Duty comes in front of Mario Galaxy 2 and Twilight Princess. Others on here believe that Nintendo will NEVER learn from their mistakes.

*incoming disagree shit storm*

Heartnet3308d ago


no1 wud buy a Snes2... just no...

carlitoskaruuz3308d ago

@Heartnet I was actually thinking about buying an SNES at my local Flea Market.

Knushwood Butt3308d ago

lol etch-a-sketch!

Seriously though, why is the Wii U pad thing so revolutionary? It's just a pad, with a screen.

My Dreamcast had that in one form or another...

Until Nintendo actually show something off that impresses, I'm not interested in lists of vapourware.

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nopunctuation3309d ago

In order to be next gen you have to up to stadards with technology of today not the technology of yesterday. That something nintendo almost never does to appeal to the low income gamer otherwise known as "casuals" so you dont offend them.

solidboss3309d ago

i couldn't have said it better. you my friend get bubble up and a agree..nintendo is all about gimmicks now. while i admit the controller is a nice little tablet wannabe, the console it self will be stuck in the "old gen" by the time the next xbox and playstation come out. next gen to me is about doing everything the last console can do AND making it better (in terms of hardware specs software, graphics etc..)nintendo seems focused with just coming out with some sort of gimmick controller every generation that as you said appeals with the casual crowd, and thats it when they should focus on making the most powerful console that can actually contend with its competition (im still not convinced wii u is more powerful than ps3. 360 maybe but def not ps3).1 more thing id like to add. all of the multi platform games coming for wii u will already be released for ps3 xbox 360 first and it will take about 1-2 years before the wii u see's those games so would you want to wait almost a year to play a game that 360 and ps3 users already have just to use a gimmicky feature?

mamotte3309d ago

Are you insane? Why are you attempting suicide??? All people here who thinks that power means new gen, but doesnt have a high end pc to prove it, will kill you.

kneon3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

Yes a new gen includes a significant increase in compute power, it's not just adding a new controller to last gen hardware. If you think otherwise then I guess the 360 and PS3 went next gen with the release of Kinect and Move respectively.

And yes I've got the highend PCs to prove it. Last years model has 12gb ram, i7 920 and an AMD 5850, this years has 12gb ram, i7 950 and an Nvidia 580. And let's not get into the half dozen laptops and 7tb external storage. I've got PC hardware that many would drool over, yet 95% of my gaming is on console.

Pedobear Rocks3309d ago

It isn't a 'new method' really...all they've done is upscale the DS and you provide the top screen via your TV.

PirateThom3309d ago

Ding ding ding, we have a winner!

Nintendo know people love the DS, all they did was adapt it to a bigger scale...

MinusTheBear3309d ago

Why don't you just admit you work for Nintendo.

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Shok3309d ago

"he does not think"

So he's making a guess?

NESpower3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

Yes, he is making a guess. And I call BS. If it can look even 20% better then it's next gen. But like you said, how it plays is def. next gen.

consolez_FTW3309d ago

He is right. this isn't next gen at all. If anything it's this gen, but not next. Also did anyone else notice how uncomfortable that WiiU controller looks? it's too big. I can't imagine playing many games on it.

mamotte3309d ago

Yes, you're right. This isnt next gen. No console is. All three are pretty bad compared to a PC.

In terms of power, wich is the only thing important in the world of games, PC rules and everything else is reaaaaaly bad.

Heartnet3308d ago

Dude yeh get off ur Throne of Pc's and look at what ur posting at.. a console thread not one of ur shitty PC threads...

Dude you do realise consoles are king because not everyone has hundreds of pounds to throw at their computer every few years when they can buy a cheapy console which plays decent looking games at a percentage of the price..

Not every1 is rich like you obv are.. jackass

mamotte3308d ago


I'm not in a throne of PC. All I wanna know is: Since power is all that is meaning in a "Gen", why dont all the WiiU haters buy a PC? that way you're proving your point.

hardcorehippiez3308d ago

i think it is next gen for nintendo , i just think though that nintendo is a half gen behind sony and micro but it doesnt really matter . nintendo stick to its own plan a bit like sony and it works for them . nintendo fans will go where their favourite franchises are. its highly unlikely that mario fans will purchase a playstation or an xbox so to them who are playing on the wii this will be a next gen jump for them. but compared to what micro or sony will follow with as a next gen machine it will be pants and look considerably worse as the wii does to this gen. The thing is will all the grannies and soccer mums jump onto a new wii........ doubtful imo

Fishy Fingers3309d ago

So it's not Nintendos next generation system? Been out since the Wii has it? Or we still using "next-gen" as some useless term, like the PS3/360 are "next-gen" when in fact, they're nothing more than, "current-gen".

Pedobear Rocks3309d ago

Depends if you believe Wii belonged in the same gen as 360/ps3 or was really just a revamped GC with a different control scheme (that history has shown was developed for the GC in the first place)

Heartnet3308d ago

Wii was next gen because of its Motion controls which they brought into the mainstream audience..

the Wii 2 is still this gen cuz all it has is a controller with a screen on it...

WhiteLightning3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

Seems like an upgrade to the Wii. If it's brand new and has better graphics, new controler, new way to play then they should of made that point clear and called it something else

PS3 ---> PS3 Slim

Xbox 360 ---> Xbox 360 Slim

DS ---> DSlite, DSi, DSiXL

PSP ---> PSP 2000, PSP 3000, PSP Go

Wii ---> Wii U

If the next Xbox was called Xbox 360 Plus or Xbox 360 V2 would that seem very next gen to you if your heard about it.

Fishy Fingers3309d ago

Wii U is running completey new internals and a completely new controller interface. Your comparisons are not the same at all.

N4G... Whatever happens, downplay Nintendo.

WhiteLightning3309d ago

Look what I said before commenting

"If it's brand new and has better graphics, new controler, new way to play then they should of made that point clear and called it something else "

"If it's brand new "

I know and I've acknowledged that it's a new Nintendo console. I'm just saying it LOOKs like an upgrade/improvment because of it's name.

You got the motto wrong by the way

"N4G, if theirs a negative article about Sony, approve it"

Fishy Fingers3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

Because of the name? They all keep their name, PlayStation, xbox, it's becomes the brand. All Sony/MS do is stick a new number at the end, I doubt you question their "next-gen credentials".

WhiteLightning3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

Well they've always done that

Nintendo havent Nes, N64, Gamecube, Wii

See where I'm going with this

@iforgotmylogin: Are you thick as shit, look what I wrote "If it's brand new"

I know it's next gen, people can never read

iforgotmylogin3309d ago

your theory is wrong because in all those examples

there has never been an increase of more than 10% im power.

wii -->wii u = a dramatic jump in power just like ps1 to ps2 to ps3. all high leaps in terms of power.

to think its a redesign is silly

iforgotmylogin3309d ago

shoulda made it more clearm, i read it 4 times and finally get what you are saying.

but to nintendo i guess adding U = a 4 or something

ex ps4

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