Metro 2033 (PC) Review Rational Gamers

Metro 2033 was an odd one. Very rarely to you see games like this anymore. Let me explain, it isn't a RPG, it isn't a gun crazy game, it offers some pre-made customization options, but what it does have is a universal commodity in video games......atmosphere.

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GodofSackboy2773d ago

This seems relevant to my interests

mananimal2773d ago

I agree with this article, except about adding a stealth kill animation...Noooo! and absolutley not!!, the less animations the better, i dont want to see the same tiresome animation everytime i play this game, its fine the way it is now. Adding more animations, takes away from the atmosphere, in my humble opinion, and makes it more like the average joke of a shooter on the market today, more cookie cutter like,, No thank you.

SahFriendly2771d ago

yeah I suppose, but sometimes those animations can add validity to your stealth system, I hate the idea of developers taking the controllers out of our hands, but sometimes animations just clean things up.