GAMINGtruth--Brink Forums and Website Hacked

Brink's official website and forums have been hacked. GAMINGtruth has the story.

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DoomeDx2686d ago

Sony, Epic, Bethasta, Brink, whats next? Nasa?

FlashXIII2686d ago

Nasa has already been hacked recently. There is actually a HUGE media storm over here in the UK because of the US trying to extradite an Autistic man who hacked the Nasa servers looking for information on aliens.

S_C2686d ago


I live in the UK aswell an i dont know were you got that media storm from but i havent heard anything of it

FlashXIII2686d ago

You mustn't keep up with the news much. I guess I feel more inclined to keep an interest on the whole story as i have a close family member with Autism and feel strongly about it.

If you wanna check it out, the man's name is Gary McKinnon. The story has been ongoing for quite a long while and has had a big backing from some big name Autistic sufferers.

dead_eye2686d ago

I read an article about it ages ago. Guy didn't even know he'd done out wrong. Wouldnt call it a media storm. But then the only media storms we have are ones about which celeb has cheated on there partner eith a hooker or something along those lines.

Raf1k12686d ago

That media storm was a while back. Currently it's not on any headlines.

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Ducky2686d ago

I'd say EA.
The exclusive DLC gives them enough of an excuse.

Foxgod2686d ago

When will they hack the Mickey Mouse club?

earbus2686d ago

Laugh if it was internet security guys drumming up future customers,what you have been hacked try our latest hackrid spray.

FlashXIII2686d ago

It probably is. All this media buzz on hacking will just make everyone paranoid and will probably increase the need for security professionals by quite a bit.

GT_Ken2686d ago


I agree it will make people paranoid, but the average consumer shouldn't worry about this at all. These guys are hacking major corporations...not your porn

Cam_is_16bit2686d ago

Because THAT will cause real panic in the streets. Cars upturned, riots, fires, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!