Pokéfever Grips Birmingham as the National Pokémon Championships Come to Town

Birmingham, England was firmly rocked by Pokéfever this past weekend, where thousands of battle hungry Pokéfans united to battle in the UK bracket of the official Pokémon championship. The prize? The chance to go on to the world championships, which are being held August 12-24 in San Diego, California.

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Eades2688d ago

This totally twangs my nostalgia strings... I would have given anything to play in a pokemon tournament like this about 12 years ago :S.

lolpidian2688d ago

I remember this pokemon episode where over 200 kids had seizures because of the chaos happening on their screens.

Cwalk8162688d ago

I was protected because I wore 3D glasses.

blackhrt862688d ago

Ah I remember my days of wanting to be a Pokémon Master. It's much more tactical than people tend to give it credit.

pungello19882688d ago

I haven't played Pokemon in ages