COD4 gets 10/10 from OPM - Single-player highly praised

The single-player campaign or the multiplayer options alone would make this essential. It's a game where stunning set pieces are linked together by other ever more dazzling set pieces, while the depth and customization potential of the online component promise months of play. Too early for game of the year? Trust us, you'll see....


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wil4hire4871d ago

Other developers should take a note.

felman874871d ago

Actually, Infinity Ward ported their COD2 engine to the Ps3 and upgraded it. The devs are just so damn awesome that it looks like it's a ground-up job.

games4fun4871d ago

dedicated servers for ps3 as opposed to p2p.
Anyone disagrees with that doesn't know anything about networking.

Martini4871d ago

Actually they used COD 2 to practice for PS 3 - kudos to infinity ward for going the extra mile :)
This game will blow your SOCKS off !!

Martini4871d ago

games4fun where did you get that info ? care to provide a link ??

bluebrad19744870d ago

If sony fanboys hate FPS so much, why is every sony fanboy on N4G going crazy over this game?

ATLRoAcH4870d ago

Because its Call of Duty (4).

bluebrad19744870d ago

What Call of Duty 4 suddenly isn't a FPS?

Nagthragarthoth4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

I'm a shooter if there ever was one.. I just enjoy superior graphics and sound.

ATLRoAcH4870d ago

I never said it wasn't an FPS.And I'm a Sony fan and I like FPSs among other genres.I was just saying Call of Dutys are great games and finally it went modern.All I know is that I'm getting it.

bluebrad19744870d ago

Are you refering to games? If that's the case, then you want a 360. I don't know where you have been, but the 360 has been hammering the ps3 in performance since it launched.

SofaKingReetodded4870d ago

Infinity Ward themselves said the PS3 version will be superior because they had more PROCESSING POWER to work with. You gonna argue with the people who made the game?? lol

resistance1004870d ago

'If sony fanboys hate FPS so much, why is every sony fanboy on N4G going crazy over this game?'

Since when did Sony fanboys hate FPS's that much?

Everyone loves FPS games now and then, however it is nice to have a break from FPS for a while (which the likes of Uncharted, R&C, folklore etc will provide)

The reason why everyone is getting exited about COD4 is because it looks like it will be an absolutely stunning game.

SIX4870d ago

I actually hated FPS games. That was until I played Resistance, but yeah, I totally agree. Variety is the spice of life. When I get bored of FPS I can either go the Ratchet or Eye of Judgement........maybe throw in a little Heavenly Sword if I feel like it. Having a PS3 you are never quite bored :)

CHRP7184870d ago

Porting is destroying great games. Developers should develop their games.

MikeGdaGod4870d ago

you're right........i personally i really don't like FPS's. Resistance was the first FPS that i really enjoyed since DOOM.

CoD4 looks like its really gonna be alot of fun though. it'll probably be the only FPS i'll buy this year.

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Real gamer 4 life4871d ago

ill be picking this one up for ma ps3.

IdontTakeSides4871d ago

Same here i'll reap the PS3 benefits..!!

jiggyjay4871d ago

What benefits would it have on the PS3 compared to the 360? With the PS3 you won't have rumble, no achievements and you'll get better online play on the 360!! If you don't have a 360 I can understand but if you do have a 360 and a PS3 i see no reason to get it on the PS3..

xplosneer4871d ago

Umm there is rumble next month...
Better online play...both are laggy what are you talking about
Achievements can't argue.
And it's been stated the PS3 version looks slightly better.

The only reason to get it on the Xbox 360 rather than PS3 (if you own both) is if you hate the controller and must have achievements...Go ahead and pick

ActionBastard4871d ago

No rumble? I'll import
No achievements? I gamed before achievements, I'll game after them
Better online play? I'll be on free, lag free PSN

jackdoe4871d ago

Explosneer, the PS3 version may have similar "achievements" as many multiplatform games are going down that route nowadays. They just don't call them achievements on the PS3. And in the end, it really does come down to control scheme and how many friends you have on each console to play with.

WilliamRLBaker4871d ago

360 version of COD4 will have an higher average score on metacritic and gamerankings then ps3 version.

360 version will have better online

360 version will sell more.

Oh and it wont have rumble unless you buy an rumble controller, or get an ps3 with rumble controllers packed in.

DrPirate4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

Free Online, Rumble as of November 11th.

What's your point? lol at William and the crystal Ball.

I think they'll both end up getting the same score. They're identical on nearly every level.

....And after seeing Guitar Hero 3's achievements...You can keep them, I don't have to ruin my enjoyment of a game for measly points.....(Snigger, play through expert with standard controller :P) Have fun...

ActionBastard4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

More FACTS...

Still can't afford a PS3 huh? I'd be worried too. A multiplatform game, that's NOT a 360 port. Running @ 60fps?! Sad. All you could bring up were your sales hopes and rumble. What about the game?

felman874871d ago

you're right jiggay, but don't forget about reliability. I want to play COD4 not look at it.

jiggyjay4871d ago Show
ATLRoAcH4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

Anyone who says playing on the PSN is laggy has never played Warhawk.I have a 3mb down connection and I have never experienced lag with Warhawk.I don't know if this game lags online but if it does its not the PSN's fault. With 32 players everywhere around you and there is still no lag.

(edit)@ jiggyjay
The Japanese Dualshock 3s come out next month and they work with all Playstation 3s.So you can import them.By the way you are crazy fanboy without a doubt.What the point posting those crappy mood comments?And like I said there is no lag on PSN.

macalatus4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )


"I know how you PS3 fanboys like to get f*cked in the A$$ by Sony but enough is enough!"

Were you watching gay porn when you made that comment?

"Yes I was watching GAY PORN... The one you and your dad made! I can't believe he was able to put his fist all the way in! He must've been playing with your heart from how far he was able to get his arm in you! lol!"

Whoa...I didn't ask about your childhood experiences, but that pretty much seems to explain it all. Based on your statement above, I'm pretty sure it was a traumatic experience for you.

ATLRoAcH4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

PES2008 is not my type of game and if Warhawk can be completely lag free then there is nothing wrong with the PSN.Some games lag (EA) but when they do its that games fault not the PSN.And I'm waiting for the DS3 if I bought my PS3 without Dualshock I think I can wait a few more months.You are just a hater.If you love your 360 so much then why are you so defensive for no reason.If you don't own a PS3 then why do you care?I'll have it on PS3 and you'll have it on the 360 and we will both enjoy it so who cares?

(edit)You're a jackass.

@jiggyjay (again)
You're just saying the same thing over and over.You're the one trying to sell 360s here.I don't have anything against the 360.I like Sony and wanted a PS3 so I got one.Hell enjoy your 360 but quit trying to sell me something I don't want.You're not stating facts you're hating.I am done talking to you now so bye.

bluebrad19744870d ago

There is no difference between the 360 and PS3 versions. So what are these elusive benefits?

crck4870d ago

1.Blu-ray discs don't scratch so I can just leave it out of the case when I feel lazy. Drop it by accident and it scrapes against something? Oh well no worries.

2. Free online. I let my live subscription run out. I already pay for the games. I don't feel like paying MS more money to "unlock" the multiplayer half of it. Some may see paying for Live differently but thats the way I see it. I put up with paying for Live for 1 year because there was no other option. Now there is. MS is taxing people on their game purchases to play 100% of it. I don't want to support a business practice like that.

Nagthragarthoth4870d ago

The PS3 actually plays games on blu rays too. There's like so much more gb's on that thing.

Sevir044870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

Fact, you sleep better at night knowing that you have trolled another Positive PS3 article.

You're on an OD of Crystal Meth, Because only Fankids like yourself try to bring down a 10/10 for a PS3 game with supposed game sales of a game that has 5 days to hit retail.

If sales mean that much to you and it does because you rave on and on about it. do every 360 gamers here a favor and get their address and buy them all a copy of this game and buy a second copy for yourself. maybe you'll sleep even better knowing that you boost the 360's attach rate even Higher than the PS3...

Get a life dude, and quit smoking that Crystal Meth, it's killing you and it's really starting to show. Nobody but you really cares about the 360's or the Ps3's attach rate. because no developer is leaving the PS3 out of the development books anymore. major devs has games hitting for the PS3 and xbox 360. i would hate to see the effects of the Meth when, Gasp, omg!!! this game Scores higher than the 360 on metrics, out sells it in sales for the Ps3. and played even more online on the PS3 because well. it's got dedicated servers and it's online is free.

i fear for you, and your well being, That crystal meth is doing things you dont have control over.

Devr4870d ago

The Ps3 version just got reviewed 10/10. Is the 360 version going to get 11's?

mesh14870d ago

if u buy this game on the ps3 u wont have much fun no 1 o play with like i exp a lot of ps3 bu ton the 360 so much saddo playing games all night and the 360 version has been stated to perform better than the ps3 all clip shown buy the infinity wards has been on the 360 cause its the best copy o show the world the awesome graphics of the game

b777conehead4870d ago

to jiggy jay
rumble is comeing for the ps3 and the ps3 has more lag free play plus the best of all its free on no rrod after a few hours

XLiveGamer4870d ago

OPM give a 10 to COD4 because they need that to happen. I wonder how much are they going to give to... mmm i forgot the name ... oh i remember now KillZone2. They need to sell the EXPENSIVE PS3 this Xmas

Dont get me wrong COD4 Looks amazing & Sounds Beautifull. BUT!!!! im tired and MY opinion its this >>>> "SAME 1st PERSON SHOOTER WAR GAMES" <<<< IM TIRED OF THAT !!!! GIVE ME GAMES LIKE A.R.M.A. Armed Assault & OPERATION FLASHPOINT 2 !!!!! Those are Next Fuc|<ing Next Gen games. NEXT GEN not only means Grraphics and sound ITS ALSO the game play. Im tire of games like that i want realism, i want all type of vehicles, i want big maps were you can plan a different assault every single game NOT THE SAME LINEAR GAME. I WANT A OPEN MAPS 100 square miles. LEARN from ARMA & OPERATION FLASHPOINT 2 this are 10 out of 10 War Games

S1D3 EFFEC74870d ago

That link lost its credibility when it was confirmed that the PS3 build they had played was 4 weeks ahead in development time. Thats one month ahead of the last 360 build they had played.

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Hapimeses4871d ago

Ah well, I suppose I'll have to get this as well. What else is money for, if not for spending?

There are too many really cool games hitting PS3 just now. I wonder how UT and Haze will compare? They have a hard act to follow, to say the very least.