Nintendo 3DS has resistive touchscreen for backwards compatibility, what's the Wii U's excuse?

Engadget writes "In case it somehow snuck in under your radar, E3 just happened. The LA-based gaming extravaganza is where Nintendo introduced its next generation of home console, the Wii U, also served as the location where our buddies from Joystiq caught up with Hideki Konno, the company's 3DS hardware chief."

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D0ffy2735d ago

Now I'm not fully aware of the differences in touch screens, but what I do know is that the 3DS touch screen works well and also better than some of my other touch devices. Can't see why they would change it if it's cheaper and works really well. But don't know what "same backwards compatibility" it would support, 3DS games on the Wii U or what are they talking about?

kharma452733d ago

It works OK because it has a stylus, something the Wii U won't have.

Plus there is no multitouch amongst other things, something you expect (and get) now with capacitive touchscreens.

MakiManPR2734d ago

A lot cheaper? Nintendo is looking to cut all the possible costs they can to make the WiiU cheap as possible. And resistive touchscreen isnt that bad.