Duke Nukem Forever Review (Strategy Informer)

From "I have played and completed Duke Nukem Forever. Right now the me of ten years ago is gushing with questions, in particular “how good is it?” The simple answer is “not as good as Duke Nukem 3D was”. For more than that, read on. So, am I going to take 13 plus years of development into account? Nope, absolutely not. I’m going to judge DNF as a game that I’m reviewing, just like any other. So consequently I can say without any irony at all that it could’ve done with more development time."

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chainer30002686d ago

"So, am I going to take 13 plus years of development into account? Nope, absolutely not."

Er... Sure, 13 years of development is not relevant when you say "it could have used more development time". Bottom line is DNF sadly cashed in on our generation's faith in Duke from the days of Nin64 and Win98

chasegarcia2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

I am playing at the moment. Game has a strange bug that keeps shutting down my pc(it is a duke software issue). Other than that I think the game looks fine on max settings with anti-aliasing and is a little fun.

RavageX2686d ago

Why do people keep saying the game was in development for however many years? The game was SITTING for that long, not being worked on.

Big difference there.

Camb316912686d ago

I agree. Technically i think it was still being developed by what, like 8 people for a few years. Or something. But the game did sit around for quite a while with no progress in development.

Mikeyy2686d ago

First of all, anybody who complains about the graphics or controls needs to be written off as a COD/HALO fanboy and get bubbles taken away. These are not the issues with Duke Nukem Forever.

As a True Duke Nukem fan, the real problem with DNF is level design. The levels are almost 100% linear. as opposed to Duke3d having mostly large open free roaming environments, where you go back and forth accross the "map" collecting Keycards.

DNF, should have had the same graphics and controls, but with Duke 3d's map design and layout.

It's really just a shooter on rails like your run of the mill Call of Duty =(

Atleast we get new epic soundboards of Jon St. Johns godly voice. he is the true star of DNF.

It unfortunaly looks like reviewers killed this game enough to hurt the sales badly, and as consequence, it's all over for Duke, which is unfortunate. I would like them to take 1 more try at it, using my suggestions. Go TRUE OLD SCHOOL. carry 10 weapons, mightyboot, and keycards.

They tried Duke of Duty and it did'nt work so well =(