E3 2011 Hands-On: Ruin [PS3, Vita] / Gematsu

Gema: "Idol Minds and SCE San Diego Studio, developers of PlayStation Network’s PAIN, are bringing out one of the first of many “cross play” PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita games to come. Announced and on display at E3 last week, Ruin is an action role-playing game that aims to mix in with the social genre. I was fortunate enough to test out both the PlayStation 3 and Vita versions at Sony’s booth."

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JewelTheif2685d ago

Just what I want! A PS3 dungeon crawler!

VampiricDragon2685d ago

Theres alot of those if your curious. Wizardry, neptune, class of heroes 2/3

Keith Olbermann2685d ago

Having a game on both Vita and PS3 is why I will be buying Vita day one.

blackburn102685d ago

What I like about Ruin is the build/invade concept. It will be fun to build my own dungeon to keep people out while pliaging someone else's own. I heard that you actually get alerts via twitter that your dungeon is being [email protected] VampiricDragon. If he said dungeon crawler it's safe to say he already knows about other ones. Or are you just attempting to troll this article?

MasterCornholio2685d ago

I love these types of games. Will be picking it up alongside my Vita.