MediaKick Review: Duke Nukem Forever

MediaKick: "The worlds biggest vapour-ware title, fourteen years in development, across three console generation and multiple development studios, it seemed as if Duke Nukem Forever would never see the light of day. For that reason, Duke Nukem Forever has so much to live up to, not least for starring the iconic King himself, but after such a long time in the making it really should shine. It was a task that was never going to bode well, with disappointment seemingly like the only real outcome. Sadly, having been caught in the pits of development hell the end product is not over a decades worth of development, but more a hashed together experienced that really fails to impress even slightly."

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Semir2685d ago

D+ is to generous. I regret pirateing the game, it's that bad. 4 Gigs of bandwith for nothing.

Marvelous12685d ago

wow alot of bad reviews for this game.