IBM and AMD Multicore Processor to Power Wii U

Power7 CPU's are 8 core chips with 4 simultaneous threads and 4 MB of eDRAM per core. Reduce a couple of cores and some clock rate to keep the thermals in check and you have one hell of a powerful CPU for a home console. For AMD it will be using a Southern Islands graphics chip which are basically the Radeon HD 7XXX series GPUs for next year. So its gonna be a really powerful console. basically next gen.

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iforgotmylogin2683d ago

well I have known this for weeks but thanks for the review.

the graphics chip should pack a punch
cause ati did a hell of a job on the gamecube hopefully ninendo goes that route again.

Active Reload2683d ago

"Leading edge technology..." pretty much clarifies it being way more powerful than what console have now. If they would've said "Cutting edge technology..." the Wii U would be on par or even more to what high end PCs have in them.

kudakadere2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

I hope it's true , the Ps3 has been lacking competition in terms of graphics among consoles .

JsonHenry2683d ago

If the die is small enough it won't matter so much on the size of the thing. Don't expect it to blow you away, but you've gotta think that the consoles are 6 years old. Getting better performance out of a smaller package is easy to do by today's standards. My video card in my PC alone has more RAM and is more powerful than any one of the current gen consoles and it is only 6 inches wide by 13 inches long.

kudakadere2683d ago

i guess your right considering that the 360's processor has been 1/4 for the new Slim compared to the original 2005 chip .

maniacmayhem2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Dude, how big do you think chips, ram and motherboards are?

JsonHenry2683d ago

How big? As big as they need to be and no larger.

NLGSean2683d ago

No it's not... Look at the image... The system is actually larger than the original Wii...

Also, I really laugh at the people that say "But its a small system, it is not powerful... Yet look at the PS Vita? How small is that? Yet it can crank out power like a PS3...

JellyJelly2683d ago

I don't think we've seen anything of what this machine can do so far.

Kurylo3d2683d ago

understand that it decimates the 360 and ps3 in power, but the question is will developers make games just for nintendo that cant run on 360 and ps3? i doubt it.. all that power will be worthless for now...

Brasi822683d ago

It won't be worthless for Nintendo exclusives and 3rd party exclusives. It'll be in the same boat the PS3 is in. It's multi--platform games will be on par with 360 but it's exclusive will be able to make full use of the console.

Kurylo3d2683d ago

your right. But what exclusives will nintendo really have.. at the end of the day its all mario and zelda. I game company would have to take a big risk to develop strictly on a brand new console with no install base.

MakiManPR2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Nintendo really Needs new IPs. Can wait for the Conduit 3 for the WiiU. Never played it before cuz it was ugly but can't wait to see how it'll look on this Powerful machine also Redsteel. I hope they both become Nintendo Exclusives.

The Only thing that might hold me back is the controller.

maniacmayhem2683d ago

Cant wait to see what this new console will pump out.

Its as if nintendo heard the bitching and complaining of the net about the Wii being graphically inferior and said to everyone okay here check this sh*t out and shut the f*@$ up.

we'll see, im actually excited for this new console. If only they would show us a decent mario kart. A sequel along the lines of Mario Kart 64 mixed with some Double Dash then the big N would have me back for life.

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The story is too old to be commented.