Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Preview - E3 2011 (NGN)

New Game Network: "The Elder Scrolls series has always set the bar for what is possible in action RPGs. Taking that same formula and refining it through the years, publisher Bethesda has established an increasingly large fanbase of role playing fans that keep coming back for more. While other franchises often get simplified and give up on their RPG roots, TES has remained a strong pillar for the genre. As Skyrim approaches release, it looks to be yet another solid entry in the franchise."

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RedDead2774d ago

Another Summary, not a preview

bluedot1332774d ago

It's a summary of what was shown as a preview. What exactly did you expect?

TheDarkness2773d ago

Day one! Getting pc and console versions.

Burning_Finger2773d ago

They should hand this info to Lulzsec. XD