TheJoyPads: Duke Nukem Forever Review

"Duke may of took 14 years to develop, but its a fantastic game that I expected after so long. What’s wrong with OTT games with tits galore to make your mothers weep and your fathers stamp the floor like a feisty rabbit spoil fun?"

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Garethvk2684d ago

Finally a good review. I played it at PAX last year and did not find it bad at all. We have our review copy due today and I cant wait to play.

SantistaUSA2684d ago

I can't wait to play it, it has been sooooooooo long! Duke lives bitches! :p

ShinraE52684d ago

Joypads, you must not have heard. The cool "in" thing is to rip on duke for "Horrid graphics" and "tragic gameplay".

Good to see a competant review that comes someone who played the game.

TJ Crucial2681d ago

Interesting article, brutal grammar.