OnLive does "everything" Wii U does

Nintendo believes Wii U will change the way we play games, but according to OnLive boss Steve Perlman, everything it does UK gamers will be able to experience this autumn.

OnLive is the cloud-based gaming system that allows users to play high-end games through the internet as opposed to a home console.

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Merivigian2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

Does OnLive play without an internet connection? No.
Does OnLive give you the advantages of having a physical copy of the game(trading, borrowing, sharing,collecting?) No.
Is OnLive available everywhere? No.
If this isn't a valid argument, I don't know what is.

L6RD7BLU32774d ago

Do you actually own the game you buy, FLAT NO! OnLive can kiss it.

EYEamNUMBER12773d ago

someone told me onlive has no games can someone comment on that

they said anyone can use it but then when i went to try it they said my internet connection was too lame so i dunno

TheDareDevil2773d ago

You also need a fast broadband connection to play games with OnLive

carlitoskaruuz2774d ago

Seriously, if everyone is going to express their hate on the Wii U, then just do not get one!

Personally, until Nintendo reveals their new online system, I'm not sold entirely.

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dubal-e2774d ago

onlive doesnt sell lol. Nintendos stuff does.

fatstarr2774d ago

Meh the video game industry has legions of quality games
99% of the games on the android and ios + tablet market couldn't even scratch the crappiest games of this gen.

this article just seems like an attack, people say their system does this and that but nothing done like wiiu and even if they do will they have 3 games that support all these features or 1000 games that support the features that's the difference,

but to each his own,
_____________________________ _____________________
Also to add on
disagree if you want but downloads will be the death of gaming

read the t.o.s. you dont own anything you download off
nintendo market
sonys store

Brasi822774d ago

As it is, you really don't even own the physical games you buy. At least according to the companies that make them. [glares at Activision menacingly]

fatstarr2773d ago

well we do as long as its a disk

then you get to use ur right as a citizen in the us to make backups and such, you cant do that with digital distribution but all this is a front to get the consumer to agree to downloads over disks, there is no real costs imo. disks are cheap as hell and the process got so cheap to burn its not even funny. its all a conspiracy

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